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York Tuition Grant (YTG)

The York Tuition Grant (YTG) will provide funding support to students who do not qualify for the Ontario Tuition Grant and have a demonstrated financial need.

The YTG will provide funding of up to $500 per academic year. The actual amount received will be reduced if additional funds have already been received from other sources, including York bursaries, Work/Study positions and/or awards. Eligible students can receive funding from the York Tuition Grant (YTG) for a maximum of four years.

In order to be considered for the York Tuition Grant students must meet the following criteria:

  • be out of high school more than four years
  • be enrolled in a direct-entry undergraduate program
  • be registered as a full-time, domestic student *
  • have applied for OSAP and submitted a Student Financial Profile
  • have demonstrated financial need as determined by their OSAP assessment

* A full-time student is enrolled in a minimum of 18 credits (9 credits per term) for the fall/winter session. Students with disabilities must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits (6 credits per term). Use our online course load calculator to determine your OSAP eligibility status.

If you have been out of high school for four years or less, you may qualify for the Ontario government's 30% Off Tuition Grant.

You may be able to find additional awards on our Awards Search website.

Note: All awards are subject to change/cancellation without notice.

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