Student Finances Update 2019

In January 2019 the Ontario government announced changes to post-secondary tuition, supplementary fees and OSAP effective September 2019. Visit the Ministry of Training Colleges & Universities News Release for more information.


The “Free Tuition Program” introduced in 2018 is replaced with a 10% reduction in tuition fees for domestic students in 2019-2020 followed by a tuition freeze in 2020-2021. Visit the Course and Program Fees website to see a breakdown of your 2019-2020 fees.

Supplementary Fees:

Effective September 2019 all Ontario universities are required to identify essential versus non-essential fees and give students the option to opt out of non-essential fees.  Please visit the Student Choice Initiative website for details on these fees and the opt-out process.

OSAP loans

More provincial loan funding will be available to low-income students, and student entitlement for OSAP loans will be increased from $5,100 per term to $7,500 per term. This change is intended to compensate for the reduction in the Ontario Student Grant.

Ontario Student Grant

The family income threshold necessary to qualify for the needs-based portion of the Ontario Student Grant has been reduced to prioritize funding low-income students, while the non-needs-based portion of the Ontario Student Grant has been eliminated.

Second-entry programs in Ontario (graduate programs, law school etc.)

OSAP students pursuing second-entry programs will have at least 50% of their funding made up of loans. This includes approved post-graduate college certificates, graduate degrees and law programs. 

For complete OSAP information and an OSAP aid estimator, go to the government's OSAP website.

Please note that in addition to OSAP there are other sources of financial aid available to students. Please visit the Student Financial Services website for information about other financial aid opportunities and the expansion of the Work/Study Program, scholarships, awards and bursaries.