Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – Frequently Asked Questions

The EFT is a three-step process:

  1. Create your banking information online through My Banking Information;
  2. Validate the number of cents in your bank account to successfully confirm your banking information; and
  3. Request a refund if you have a credit amount in your Student Account statement.

Finding Your Banking Information

My bank does not appear in the drop-down list. How do I continue?

Use the Bank ID number to locate the correct banking institution; some banks in the CPA table lack a description. Note that all bank numbers are preceded with a zero “0” in the list.

PC Financial: What bank and branch do I choose?

The branch or institution number for PC Financial is 010 and the transit number is 30800. To check the accuracy of the branch and transit number, visit Personal Banking FAQs - President's Choice Financial.

TD Canada Trust: Do I select "TD Trust Company" from the drop-down menu, or is there a different name for TD Canada Trust?

TD Canada Trust is a bit tricky. The best way to obtain your branch/institution and transit number is to visit TD’s help page.

Meridian Bank: Do I use Meridian Credit Union Limited or something else?

There are two banking institutions with the name Meridian: Meridian Bank, and the Meridian Credit Union Limited. Each banking institution has a different bank branch transit number. Please contact your bank to obtain the correct branch number.

Caisse Desjardin (Quebec): How do I locate my bank in the drop-down menu?

Please contact Caisse Desjardin for your correct transit number/banking information.

Address Information

I do not have a Canadian mailing address. What do I do?

You must have a current Canadian address to sign up for the electronic funds transfer. To add a Canadian mailing address to your student record, go to My Online Services and select “Change my address and contact information”.

I can’t remember my postal code, is it required for the transaction to be complete?

Yes. In order for your Canadian address to be valid it must include the street, city, province and postal code. Go to My Online Services and select “Change my address and contact information” to update your record.

Email Information

Does York require me to add an email address to my contact information?

Yes, an email address is required for the system to recognize your file as complete.

I typed in my email address and the file was not updated. What happened?

Check to make sure that the format you used for your email address is correct, for example:
Make sure you do not add any characters, like a period, after you type in your email address.