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This tool lets you view awards, scholarships, prizes and bursaries offered at York University. Take a few moments to search for awards you may be eligible for: you can search by Faculty, award type, activity level or type in the name of an award that you may be familiar with. Unless otherwise stated, all full-time, part-time and mature students are eligible for all the awards in the system so long as they meet the published criteria.

For additional graduate awards, visit the York Financial Assistance section of the Faculty of Graduate Studies website. You can also see a listing of external awards elsewhere on this site.

Note: All awards listed on this website are subject to change or cancellation without notice.
3 Minute Thesis (3MT) Prize
407 ETR Graduate Student Award
Abella Scholarship for Studies in Equity
Academic Excellence Fund
Access to Success Fellowship
Adrienne and Donna Pocock Memorial Award
Agnes Orosz and Wojtek Niebrzydowski MBA Entrance Award
Alan and Esther Hockin Award for International Exchange
Albert C. W. Chan Award
Albert Tucker Award in British Graduate History
Alectra Inc. Graduate Award in Sustainable Energy
Amanda Dean Chartrand Excellence Award in Health Management
Ambassador Gary J. Smith Award
Amit Kumar Graduation Award for Academic Excellence
Andrew J. Sherwin Bursary
Anne Simone Graduate Student International Conference Award
Annear/Bertram Family Graduate Award
Anthony H. Richmond Scholarship
Anthony P. Cunliffe Award
Arthur Brunskill Fellowship
Award for Excellence in Psychotherapy Process Research
Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research in Clinical Health Psychology
Award for Outstanding Master's Research in Clinical Health Psychology
B.K. Sethi Award for Entrepreneurial Leadership
Barbara Godard Prize for the Best Dissertation on the Study of Canada
Bennett Family Graduate Bursary
BentallGreenOak Future Leaders in Real Estate Award
BIPOC Award in Medical Science and Medical Biotechnology
BMW Canada Award of Excellence
Bob Elhart Prize in Entrepreneurship & New Firm Creation
BrandCast Marketing Leadership Scholarship
Caio Milhorati Graduate Business Council Award
Canada Graduate Scholarship to Honour Nelson Mandela
Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs Award
Cardarelli Family Award in Art History
Carol Anne Letheren Entrance Award
Carol Anne Letheren Women's MBA Award
Carroll Hern Memorial Award for Excellence in Human Resources Management
Case Competition Marketing
CCCJ-John Lockwood Memorial Award
Charles Hantho Award
Charles S.Mayer International MBA Medal
CIBC Fine Arts Graduate Student Award
CIHR - Doctoral: Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
Cinespace Studios Graduate Award in Film & Video Production
Clara Thomas Doctoral Scholarship in Canadian Literature
Claridge Israel Inc. Global Leadership Bursary
Class of 2008 Graduate Business Council Award
Claude LeBlanc Scholarship in Sustainability and Entrepreneurship
Clinical Psychology Student Excellence Award
Computer Science & Engineering Outstanding Thesis & Dissertation Prize
CoreNet Global Scholarship in Real Estate
Dahdaleh Global Health Graduate Scholarship
Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching
Dean's Entrance Fund - MBA in India Program
Dean's International Scholarship
Dean's Scholarship for Women in Science
Dennis Starritt MBA Award
Don Rubin Dissertation Award in Canadian Theatre
Donald and Murray Davis Scholarship
Donald Biback and Family Entrance Scholarship
Doris Anderson Canadian Bursary
Doris Anderson Research Fellowship
Dorothy Rowe Visual Cultures and Canada Graduate Award
Dr. Diane Michelangeli Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Kenneth McBey Graduate Fellowship in Management
Dr. L. O. Bradley Leadership Entrance Award
Dr. Paul-Emile Chaput and Thérèse Thouin Chaput and Genevieve Alexandra Williams Award
Dr. R. Jamnik Graduate Student Award
Dr. Ralph Nicholls Graduate Scholarship
Dr. Sangdeok Woo and Mrs. Kwisoon Lim Woo Memorial Graduate Award
Dr. Sara Maghdoori Graduate Scholarship in Mathematics
Dymond Prize
E.B. Rowe Communications & Culture Politics & Policy Scholarship
Edward Sonshine Scholarship
Elia Scholars Program
Elizabeth Bentham Prize
Enbridge Graduate Student Award
Entrance Award for Black and Indigenous Students
Erivan K. Haub Sustainable Leader Award
Esther Kohl Vale Graduate Award in Social Work
Eva Wien Prize
Executive MBA Women Leadership and Impact Award
Faculty of Education Doctoral Entrance Scholarship
Faculty of Health Graduate Student Short Course and Workshop Fund
Feminist Historical Research Scholarship
Ferdinands Family Prize for Studies in Immigration, Citizenship and Transitions for New Canadians
Fogler, Rubinoff LLP - Robert R. Jason Prize in the LL.B/M.B.A. Program
Frederick G. Gardiner Scholarship
Friends of Glendon Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Public and International Affairs
Gales Graduate Scholarship
George Gardiner Award in Arts and Media Administration
George Owusu ASCEND Scholarship
George Svec, MBA 1969 Scholarship Endowment
George Vari Graduate Award
George Weston Ltd Sustainable Supply Chain Leader Scholarship
Gerling-GCAN Insurance Company Award
Gerry Erickson Essay Prize
Gertrude and Jack Friedman Memorial Award
Ginny Boelhower Award
Glen Frankfurter Conference Award
Glen Frankfurter Scholarship for Excellence in Historical Geography Research
GM Bursary for Graduate Students in COSC
Governor General's Gold Medal
Grace and David Taylor Graduate Scholarship in Caribbean Studies
Graduate Award for Outstanding Contribution
Graduate Business Council Achievement Award
Graduate Business Council Award
Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Philosophy
Graduate Fellowship of Distinction in Philosophy
Graduate Program in Education Dissertation Prize
Graduate Program in Education MRP Prize
Graduate Program in Education Thesis Prize
Graduate Program in Sociology Distinguished Dissertation Award
Graduate Student Award in Clinical Neuropsychology
Graduate Student Leadership Award in Clinical Developmental Psychology
Graduate Student MA Award in Clinical-Developmental Psychology
Graduate Student Research Award in Clinical-Developmental Psychology
Graduate Student Research Excellence Award in Civil Engineering
Graduate Student YUPC Award in Clinical-Developmental Psychology
Graduating Class 1994 International MBA/MPA Scholarship
Graduating Class 1994 Part-Time MBA Scholarship
Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life Award
Greater Toronto Airports Authority Bursary
Gregory Misztela MBA Award
Hadi and Ozra Arjomandi Graduate Scholarship
Harley D. Hallet Graduate Scholarship
Harold Mahabir Student Award for International Development
Harry A. Newman Memorial Ontario Graduate Scholarship in Social Work
Harry Newman Foundation MSW Bursary
Harry Steele Entrance Award
Harry W. Arthurs Fellowship
Hazel McCallion Scholarship Endowment Fund
Heather L. Main Scholarship (Women In Capital Markets)
Helena Orton Memorial Scholarship
Hélène Massam Memorial Prize for Excellence in Statistics
Hellenic Heritage Foundation Graduate Fellowship 2010 in Modern Greek History
Hellenic Heritage Foundation Graduate Fellowship in Modern Greek History
Hellenic Heritage Foundation International Graduate Fellowship in Modern Greek History
Hennick Medal for Academic Excellence
Henry & Barbara Bank Fellowship in Jewish Studies
HIMP Alumni and Friends Scholarship
Hon. William Z. Estey Teaching Fellowship in Law
Hon. William Z. Estey Teaching Fellowship in Legal Research & Writing
Howard Daugherty Graduate Award in Neotropical Conservation
Howard Daugherty International Graduate Student Award in Neotropical Conservation
HSBC Bank of Canada Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Ian Lithgow Memorial Award
Ian P. Howard Family Foundation Graduate Scholarship
IBI Group Award
Igor Kim and Boris Gopka New Venture Design (NVD) Award
IMBA Internship Bursary
Indigenous and Black Engineering and Technology (IBET) Momentum Fellowship
International Global Scholars Award
International Graduate Student Fellowship
International Student Award
International Student Fellowship
Ioan Davies Award
Iristel Graduate Physics Award
Irwin Allan Nadal Entrance Award
It's Never Too Late to Transform Your Life and Impact the World Bursary
J. Mark Lievonen Scholarship
Jack Leitch Award in Entrepreneurial Thinking
Jaclyn and Michelle Marcus Award
Jacques Israelievitch Scholarship in Interdisciplinary Arts
Jean Fewster Award
Jerilyn Manson-Hing Bursary
Joe Cicero Scholarship
Johanna H. Stuckey Graduate Bursary in Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies
John F. Bosher Fellowship
John Gellner Graduate Scholarship in Security Studies (YCISS)
John Hunkin Financial Services Award
John Hunkin Scholarship in Leadership and Sustainability
John W. Graham Fellowship
Jose A. Danobeitia Bursary
Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarships
Joyce Zemans Award of Achievement
Kamlesh G. Moorjani Entrance Scholarship
Kellogg-Schulich Alumni Association Diversity and Inclusion Award
Kenaidan Contracting Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Kingsley Abu Imonikhe Graduate Award
Kostas Tsotsos Grad Award
Krembil Public Healthcare Internship
LA&PS Undergraduate Incentive Award
Lake Ontario Steel Scholarship
Lambert Family Award
Lambert Family Graduate Award in Neotropical Research & Conservation
Laurenne Kredentser Memorial Award for Critical Disability Studies
Lawrence Bloomberg Entrance Award
Lawrence Heisey Graduate Award in Fine Arts
Leonardo Silva MBA Award
Lidia Serras Memorial Scholarship
Lillian Meighen Wright Maternal-Child Health Graduate Scholarship
Linda Heather Lamont-Stewart Scholarship in Canadian Literature
Lorna Wright IMBA Graduation Award
Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion Memorial Fellowship in History
Manulife Graduate Scholarships
Marcia Byrne Practicum Nursing Award
Marcia H. Rioux Award in Critical Disability Studies, Human Rights and Social Justice
Margot Franssen and Quig Tingley Award for Graduate Students
Marian Regan Memorial Prize
Mark W. Nawrot Award
Marshall A. Cohen Entrance Awards
Martha Shuttleworth Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Public and International Affairs
Master of Financial Accountability Award
Master of Social Work Enrolment Bursary
Master's Level Case Competition and Invitational Conference Award
Matthew Badeau Award
Max Wolfe Memorial Scholarship
MBA Full-Time Bursary
MCI Bursary
ME Graduate Seminar Best Presentation Award
Mechanical Engineering Conference Travel Award
Mechanical Engineering Entrance Award for Graduate Studies
Mechanical Engineering Excellence Award for Graduate Research
Mechanical Engineering Excellence Award for Teaching Assistantship
Mercedes T. Richards and Jane St. Amour Award in Engineering
Michael Friendly Award for Quantitative Methodology Research
Michael M. Pollard Bursary in Organic Chemistry
Michael R. Bigger MBA Award
Miles Spencer Nadal Entrance Award
Mirka Ondrack Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Statistical Consulting Service
Mirka Ondrack Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Statistical Consulting Service
Morguard Award
MPPAL Achievement Scholarship
MPPAL Entrance Scholarship
Muscle Health Research Centre Graduate Student Fellowship
N. Sivalingam Award for Tamil Studies
Nawel K. Seth Loan
Neal Wood Graduate Award in the Social History of Political Theory
Nestmann Scholarship
Newton W. Rowell Graduate Scholarship
Nicol Kingsmill Fellowship
Nirvan Bhavan Graduate Fellowship
Nonprofit Program internship Award
NSERC - Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS) – M
NSERC - Alexander Graham Bell Post Graduate Scholarships (PGS) – D
NSERC Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
Oliver Vernon Stong Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Oscar Yolles Fellowship in Jewish Studies
OsgoodePD International Entrance Award of Excellence
OsgoodePD International Entrance Award of Merit
Out of Province Student Bursary - Schulich
Pat Placzek Award in Indigenous Urban Studies
Paul Simpson-Housley Award
Penny and John Van Esterik Award for Graduate Research on Southeast Asia
Peter F. Bronfman Award
Peter Hogg Graduate Award
Peter Mackey Scholarship in Critical Disability Studies
Peter Moens/AGSBS Graduate Award in Biology
Peter W. Hogg Graduate Award
PhD Leadership Award in Research and Community Building
Portable Intelligence Award in Supply Chain Management
Professor Wesley Cragg Memorial Award
Provost Dissertation Scholarship
Rama Goel Memorial Scholarship
Raymond E. Fancher Award
RBC International Market Expansion Program Grant
Renee Anne Nadal Entrance Award
Resource Capital Funds Scholarship
Richard J. Storr Graduate History Award for Research
Robert Krembil Scholarship of Merit: Health Industry Management Program (HIMP)
Robert Krembil Scholarship of Merit: Master of Health Industry Administration (MHIA)
Robert L. Rossman MBA Award
Roberto Perin Graduate History Fellowship for Field Research on Human Mobility and Diversity
Rocco Liegghio Memorial Entrance Award
Roderick Guthrie Graduate Scholarship
Russell and Suzy Campbell Bursary
Russell David Smith Graduate Award in Public and International Affairs
Sammy Graduate Scholarship in Autism Research
Samuel Sarick Purchase Prize
Sandra Pyke Award for Graduate Student Excellence
Sarah Akhtar Memorial Graduate Award in Development Studies
Sasa Jurak Memorial Annual Award
Schrage Family Fellowship in Jewish Studies
Schulich Artificial Intelligence Entrance Award
Schulich Dissertation Proposal Defense Prize
Schulich Entrance Award of Merit
Schulich Entrance Scholarship of Merit
Schulich Entrance Scholarship of Merit in Artificial Intelligence
Schulich Entrance Scholarship of Merit PhD
Schulich International Graduate Bursary
Schulich MBA Real Estate Development Course Case Competition
Schulich Outstanding Graduate Ambassador Award
Schulich PhD Conference Fund
Schulich PhD Fellowship - Domestic
Schulich PhD Student Bursary
Schulich PhD Student Bursary
Schulich Scholarship for Entrepreneurship
Scotiabank Scholarship in International Business
Sidney Peck Graduate Law Scholarship
Social Impact Management Association Internship Award
Sonja I. Bata Legacy Award
SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship
St. George's Society of Toronto Endowment for Graduate Student Award
Stantec Bursary in Planning
Stephen K. Levine Award in Social and Political Thought
Steven K. Hudson Finance Scholarship
Steven K. Hudson MBA Bursary in Financial Services
Stuart McAllister Award
Summer Program in Data Analysis Bursary
Sunnuz Sarah Taheri Graduate Award in Fine Arts
Susan Mann Dissertation Scholarship
The Alumnae Association of the School of Nursing Toronto General Hospital Endowed Fellowship at the York UHN Academy
The Armand and Denise LaBarge Graduate Scholarship in Multiculturalism
The Avie Bennett Historica Dissertation Scholarship in Canadian History
The Bengt Lindqvist Human Rights Prize in Critical Disability Studies
The Bernie Kom Memorial Award
The Bickell Internship Award in Arts & Media Administration (Schulich)
The Black Star Collective Scholarship
The Carswell Scholarship Fund in the Faculty of Science
The Carswell Scholarship Fund in the Lassonde School of Engineering
The Chancellor Bennett Doctoral Scholarships for Liberal Arts
The Chancellor Bennett Masters Scholarships for Liberal Arts
The Class of 1969 Centennial Fellows Award
The Condo Store Leadership Award
The Daniel Simeoni Graduate Award in Translation
The Dean's Entrance Award - MBA in India Program
The Dean's International Bursary - MBA in India Program
The Dorothy and H. Ian Macdonald MFA in Theatre Award
The Dr. James Gillies Entrance Award
The Dr. Louise A. Hartley Graduate Psychology Award
The Ethel Armstrong Awards - Doctoral Students
The EUC Graduate Award in Energy Studies
The Francis Tetteh Memorial Award
The Gary Whitelaw Strength in Diversity Award
The Gerald Carrothers Graduate Scholarship
The Goldberg Leadership Award of Excellence
The Graham Lockett-Lees Memorial Award
The Harold I. Schiff Graduate Award in Atmospheric Chemistry
The Honourable Gerald Eric Le Dain Bursary
The Invesco Doctoral Scholarship
The John A. Price & Joan Rayfield Fieldwork Award
The John Arpin Award in Fine Arts
The Joseph and Katie Klasner Graduate Fellowship in Jewish Studies
The Joyce and Fred Zemans Scholarship at York University
The Kamlini Kumar Memorial Award
The Kenneth and Grace Penrose Scholarship
The Kent Haworth Archival Research Fellowship at York University
The Kitty and Lou Newman Memorial Graduate Scholarship in the Humanities
The Mamdouh and Susan Shoukri Graduate Award at York University
The Margaret R. Awards
The Mark S. Orlan Award
The Mary-Jo Nadeau Activist Scholar Award (The M.J.) for Doctoral Students in Sociology
The Michael and Mara Badali Bursary
The NAIOP Bursary
The Nathanson Graduate Fellowship
The Norman Endler Research Fellowship
The Onex Award in Arts and Media Administration
The Paavo & Aino Lukkari Fieldwork Research Award
The Paavo & Aino Lukkari Human Rights Fellowship
The Peter T. Zarry MBA Award
The Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc. International MBA Bursary
The Sandra Pyke Conference Fellowship
The Schulich School of Business International Recruitment Bursary
The Sherrill Cheda Graduate Scholarship
The Stewart Family Entrance Scholarship
The Susan Crocker and John Hunkin Awards in the Fine Arts
The Susan Crocker and John Hunkin Graduate Scholarship in the Fine Arts
The Thelma McCormack Prize
The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada - Toronto
The Vernon Oliver Stong Graduate Scholarship in German & European Studies
The Worldreach Foundation Scholarship
The Yuen Tse International Scholarship
Thomas Beck MBA Award
Thomas J. Bata IMBA Entrance Award
Tillo E. Kuhn International Student Award
Tim Dye Memorial Scholarship
TLN Graduate Fellowship
Union Carbide Scholarship
Universal Studios Canada Graduate Production Scholarship
Varpu Lindstrom Graduate Award
Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence
Vikas Patel IMBA Award
Vincent M. Del Buono Graduate Scholarship
Virginia Rock Scholarship
VISTA Graduate Scholarship
Visual Arts Graduate Bursary
Visual Arts of the Americas Graduate Award
Vivienne Poy Asian Research Award
Vivienne Poy Hakka Graduate Research Award
W. David Wood Award
Weston Family Foundation Entrance Scholarship
Whitaker Family Bursary
Wilhelm Cohnstaedt Social Justice Award
Wilkinson Family Graduate Award in Environmental Studies
William A. Dimma Bursary
William D. Graf Essay Prize
Women's Infrastructure Network (WIN) Scholarship
York University Graduate Student Wellness Initiative Award
York University Retirees' Association Graduate Student Award
Young-Rahn Woo Memorial Graduate Award
Zoran Fotak Award