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Government Scholarships and Bursaries

OSAP Grant Programs

When you apply for OSAP assistance, you are automatically considered for several grant and bursary programs offered by the federal and provincial government. Whether you are awarded these grant funds, will depend on eligibility criteria which includes income thresholds.

OSAP Bursary Programs

Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD): This bursary is intended to help students with disabilities to meet disability-related costs incurred while participating in postsecondary education. In order to be considered for this bursary, students must have applied and be eligible for some type of OSAP assistance.

Institution-Funded Special Bursary: The Institution-Funded Special Bursary Program is intended for students who are unable to attend postsecondary studies on a full-time basis due to special circumstances. Primarily, it is for students with dependents (sole-support students) or for students with a disability who are taking only one or two courses.

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