Terms and Conditions for Renewable Scholarships and Appeals

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Renewable scholarships have conditions which may include maintenance of a required course load or grade point average and/or participation in a mentorship program. These conditions differ by scholarship and are outlined in the scholarship notification letter that students receive upon selection. Grade point average (GPA) calculations for renewal are assessed on all credits completed during the previous summer and fall/winter sessions. For example, in order to renew a scholarship for the Fall/Winter 2017-2018 academic session, the GPA calculation will include courses taken during the Summer 2016 session and the Fall/Winter 2016-2017 academic session. The Scholarships and Bursaries Office will automatically review the student's academic record at the end of each academic year and where applicable, the scholarship will be applied directly to the student's account by September 1.

Students who fail to meet the renewal criteria for a scholarship due to extenuating circumstances may submit a petition for renewal to be considered. Extenuating circumstances include but are not limited to, a serious documented medical illness or death of an immediate family member. Petitions will not be considered until all final Fall/Winter grades have been mounted on the student record. Petition packages must include a personal statement outlining the extenuating circumstance and relevant supporting documentation (i.e., medical documentation, letter from a therapist, letter of support from faculty member, etc.). Petition packages can be submitted via the dropbox located in the lobby of the Bennett Centre for Student Services or by email to bursary@yorku.ca. Decisions will be communicated in writing. Scholarship petitions are granted at the discretion of the University.