Tax Forms - T2202A - Graduate Students

This is an explanation of your T2202A tax form for the 2016 calendar year (Jan. 1, 2016 to Dec. 31, 2016).

According to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rules, only tuition fees and certain ancillary fees that have been assessed and paid to the University for the current calendar year can be reported. This is typically about 96% of a domestic student's fee assessment. Other charges, including referenda or course material fees, interest and non-tuition charges cannot be reported on the tax form.

There are two sections of the tax form (see below); one that displays the total tuition amount (column A) and another that displays your status (full- or part-time) and the number of months in which you were registered (columns B and C). Read the instructions below to understand how these figures are calculated.

Sample of the data section of the tax form:

Session periods,
part-time and full-time
Eligible tuition fees
Number of months for
From To B
01 2016 04 2016
05 2016 08 2016
09 2016 12 2016

Tuition Amounts (column A)

  • Graduate academic study periods coincide with the taxation year reporting periods (i.e. the total reportable tuition, if paid, for the winter, summer and fall sessions will appear on the T2202A for 2016).

Eligible Months (columns B and C)

  • Columns B and C report the number of months you were registered as a full or part-time student.
  • Graduate students are eligible for full-time status for each month they are registered as full-time and part-time status for each month they are registered as part-time.
  • LLM-PDP students and Schulich School of Business students (MBA, IMBA and MPA) are eligible for full-time status for each month they are registered.


In the example below rounded numbers have been used for simplicity. Please note that these numbers do not reflect actual York University fees.

A Faculty of Graduate Studies student registered full-time in the Fall 2016 Term who has paid their fees would have a reported tuition total of '$1,753.51' on their T2202A for 2016. This consists of the session fee of $1,848.85 plus $15 registration fee minus unreportable ancillary fees (about five per cent of the tuition fees). Column C of the student's T2202A will also display '4' months for September through December 2016.