Work/Study Eligibility for International Students

  • Full time undergraduate student enrolled in a degree program (see chart below).
  • Valid study permit for the period of employment.
  • Meet the specific skills and experience requirements set by the sponsoring department.
(September - April)
  • Full-time – Enrolled in a minimum of 18 credits for Fall/Winter (min. 9 credits or more per term).
  • Full-time student with a disability – Enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits for Fall/Winter (min. 6 credits or more per term).
Summer (May - August)
  • Full-time – Enrolled in a minimum of 9 credits for summer.
  • Full-time student with a disability – Enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits for summer.
  • OR
  • Must have been enrolled in the previous Fall/Winter term (min. 18 credits; 12 credits for a student with a disability), AND will be returning to full time undergraduate studies in the Fall/Winter academic year.


  • All students are permitted to accept ONE Work Study position only per program period.
  • Non-degree students (i.e. visiting students, students on an LOP) are NOT eligible for Work Study.
  • Students are NOT eligible to hold a work study position in the same term in which they are holding an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (or equivalent).

Salary Rate

Hourly rates vary with the nature of the job, the scope of responsibilities and your work experience. The salary range will be indicated on the job posting and/or you will be advised by the employer during the interview.

Work/study students are paid by their hiring department through York's payroll system. Your employer must obtain a York employee number for you, keep track of your hours worked, and submit a payroll timesheet on your behalf every two weeks. If you have any concerns about your pay, please discuss these concerns with your employer. Student Financial Services does not pay students and cannot make adjustments to your pay.

Benefits and Responsibilities

The Work/study program, in partnership with the Becoming YU program, strives to provide students with meaningful work experiences that will offer York students the opportunity to set goals, and identify the skills and competencies they need to develop to transition into the workforce after graduation. The student learning and experiential outcomes of the work/study program are mentorship opportunities, professional and personal skills development and application of knowledge, an expanded network, ownership and responsibility of work, self-awareness and reflection, and contribution to the University as a whole.

As a Work/Study student, you are a valued York University employee and have important responsibilities. All students are expected to:

  • Actively participate in the Becoming YU program.
  • Complete your assigned duties.
  • Keep your supervisor informed of your availability to work the agreed-upon hours.
  • If you are unable to honour your commitment, speak to your supervisor immediately and try to arrange a mare workable schedule.
  • If you withdraw from your studies during the academic session, inform your employer immediately: you will no longer be eligible for ork/Study and will have to resign from your position.