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This tool lets you view awards, scholarships, prizes and bursaries offered at York University. Take a few moments to search for awards you may be eligible for: you can search by Faculty, award type, activity level or type in the name of an award that you may be familiar with. Unless otherwise stated, all full-time, part-time and mature students are eligible for all the awards in the system so long as they meet the published criteria.

For additional graduate awards, visit the York Financial Assistance section of the Faculty of Graduate Studies website. You can also see a listing of external awards elsewhere on this site.

Note: All awards listed on this website are subject to change or cancellation without notice.
1998 Osgoode Hall Law School Ontario Bursary Fund
A. Saber M. Saleuddin Biology Scholarship in Animal Physiology
Abe Karrass/Donald Solitar Bursary
Access York Award
Aditya Jha Award for Jawaharlal Nehru University Academic Exchange Program
Adrienne and Donna Pocock Memorial Award
Adrienne and Douglas Mahaffy Bursary
Aflatoun Adhami Award
Al and Laurie Monaco and Enbridge Inc. Scholarship
Alan Grant Bursary
Albert C. W. Chan Award
Albert Tucker Award in British Graduate History
Alectra Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Undergraduate Scholarship
Allan C. Silber Award for Holocaust and Eastern Europe Jewish studies
Alpha Foundation Bursary
Alumni Award of Distinction Scholarship
Ambassador Gary J. Smith Award
Andrew Forbes Award
Andrew J. Sherwin Bursary
Andrew M. Lawson '55 Award
Andrew Roberts Bursary
Andrew Tomcik Scholarship in Design Studies
Anne Lazare-Mirvish Award
Annunziata Di Ponio Award
AOLS Educational Foundation Geomatics Engineering or Geomatics Science Entrance Award
AOLS Educational Foundation Women in Geomatics Engineering or Geomatics Science Entrance Award
Arden Haynes Emergency Bursary Fund
Arriscraft Bursary
Art History Award
Arthur C. Johnson Memorial Bursary
Arthur Francis Williams Award in Canadian Studies
Arthur Francis Williams Entrance Award
Arthur Francis Williams Mature Student Award
Arthur Francis Williams Transfer Student Award
Arthur Siegel Memorial Award
Arvo Tiidus Award
Association of Retired Faculty and Librarians of York University Lee Lorch Memorial Scholarship
Atena Arabsalmany Memorial Scholarship
Atkinson Students' Association 50th Anniversary Award
Atkinson Students' Association Bursary
Atkinson Students' Association International Award
Atkinson Students' Association Legacy Award
Avie Bennett Award
Avie Bennett Visionary Leadership Scholarship
Awards of Distinction Merit Scholarship
Babs Burggraf Award in Creative Writing
Bank of Montreal Awards
Barbara & Peter Currie Awards
Benarroch-Hazan Sephardi studies Award
Berek and Regina Gertner Bursary in Holocaust Studies
Bethune College Council Student Bursary
Beverly Mascoll Bursary
Biology, Chemistry and Physics Scholarship
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP Award
Board of Governors 50th Anniversary Scholarship
Bob Bain Bursary
Bob Lundell Tennis Award
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP Prizes
Bourse d'entree des finissants des ecoles de langue française de l'Ontario
Brazilian Ball Fine Arts Awards
Brian Crawford Memorial Bursary
Bruce and Brendan Logan Basketball Bursary
Bruno Amadi Bursary
Bursary in Science Inc. Bursary
Calumet College Council 50th Anniversary Award
Calumet College Council Bursary
Campbell Moving Systems Inc. Award
Canadian Federation of University Women - North Toronto Branch Award
Canadian Foundation of Physically Disabled Persons Bursary
Canadian Friends of Hebrew University Award
Canadian Hand Emulation Research Organization Bursary
Cardarelli Family Award in Art History
Carol Anne Letheren Entrance Award
Carol Anne Letheren Women's MBA Award
Carole Yawney Award
CASA Fine Arts Student Award
Catherine Cragg Bursary for Women in Science
Cathy Moseley Memorial Award
CCCJ-John Lockwood Memorial Award
CFUW Etobicoke- Award for Bridging Students
CGI Award
Chancellor Cory Entrance Scholarship
Chaplick Family Parkdale Award
Charleen Gorbet Award
Charlene Denzel Bursary
Charles Edward Woodrow Award
Charles Hantho Award
Charles Lithgow Award
Charma Mordido Figuracion Bursary
Chief Emmanuel Mbulu Family Award
Claridge Israel Inc. Global Leadership Bursary
Class of '97 BBA Bursary
Class of 1954 50th Reunion Bursary
Class of 1960 BARR Award
Class of 1966 Bursary
Class of 1968 Generation-to-Generation Bursary
Class of 1969 Reunion Bursary
Class of 1976 Bursary
Class of 1978 Bursary
Class of 1980 Bursary
Class of 1993 Bursary
Class of 1996 Bursary
Class of 1997 Bursary
Class of 1997 Out of Province Bursary Fund
Class of 2008 Graduate Business Council Award
Club Richelieu Internship
Columbia International College Scholarship
Computer Science, Computer Security & Information Technology Scholarship
Conrad Bursary
Consecutive BEd Continuing Student Award - ACCESS Candidates
Consecutive BEd Continuing Student Award - Community Work
Consecutive BEd Continuing Student Award - Leadership
Cornerstone Leadership in Action Graduating Student Award
Costco Canada Award
Danny Iannuzziello Soccer Award
David and Lois Buckstein Bursary
David F. Denison & Maureen Flanagan Award
David Gardner Wilkinson Bursary
David M. Walker Memorial Award
David R. Wolfish Memorial Bursary Fund
David Wurfel Award
Dean's International Scholarship
Deborah Doxtator Bursary
Dennis Starritt MBA Award
Department of Economics Award
Department of English Award
Department of English Retirees' Scholarship
Department of French Studies Award
Department of Languages, Literature and Linguistics Bursary
Department of Mathematics and Statistics Award
Department of Social Science Award
Department of Visual Arts Award
Design Department Alumni Award
Dianne Martin Memorial Bursary
Diti Katona, John Pylypczak Award
Division of Humanities Retirees' Award
Donghui Liu International Student Painting Award
Dr. Allen T. Lambert Scholars Award
Dr. Diane Michelangeli Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Ferdinand and Mrs. Emelda Thomas Entrance Award
Dr. Geoffrey Hunter and Dr. Susan Prokopenko Award
Dr. Harry Botterell Bursary
Dr. Istvan Fogarasi Kenaidan Contracting Bursary
Dr. James Wu Bursary
Dr. Kenneth McBey Graduate Fellowship in Management
Dr. Percy and Bernice Singer Award
Dr. Ralph Nicholls Graduate Scholarship
Dr. Robert Lundell Achievement Award
Dr. Roman and Yaroslawa Turko Scholarship in Ukrainian Studies
Dr. Sangdeok Woo and Mrs. Kwisoon Lim Woo Memorial Graduate Award
Dr. Vara P. Singh Bursary
Dr. Vincent Tao Scholarship
Duke Ellington Award in Jazz
Dworkin Bursary
E.B. Rowe Communications & Culture Politics & Policy Scholarship
Edith Agnes Cory Award
Edith Schulich BBA/iBBA Entrance Award
Elizabeth Maynes Memorial Award
Elizabeth Szathmary Theatre Scholarships
Ellen Baar Award in Social Science
Emeritus Professors' Award in the Department of Physics and Astronomy
Enbridge Engineering Scholarship
Enbridge Graduate Student Award
Encouragement Bursary for a Student in Psychology - Glendon
Enid Weiner Student Award
Ernst & Young BBA Award
Escott Reid Bilingual Excellence Scholarship
Esther Handelsman Bursary
Esther Kohl Vale Graduate Award in Social Work
Esther Sarick Bursary in Jewish Studies & the Arts
Exchange Travel Bursary (Schulich)
Faculty of Education Entrance Award
Faculty of Education Student Association Bursary
Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change International Student Bursary
Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change Undergraduate Achievement Award
Faculty of Fine Arts Opportunity Award
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Entrance Award
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies International Student Entrance Scholarship
Federazione Canadese Italiana Borsa di Studio Award
Field Hockey Achievement Award
Fiera Sceptre Inc. Bursary in the Faculty of Science
Film & Video Bursary
First Generation Bursary
Fitzhenry-Weatherhead Theatre Award
Fleischer Awards at the Centre for Jewish Studies
Founders College Council 50th Anniversary Award
Frances & Frederic Robinson IEN Bursary
Frances & Frederic Robinson Nursing Award
Frederick H. Zemans Bursary
Friends of Glendon Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Public and International Affairs
Friends of Glendon Student Bursary
Friends of the Vis Moot Bursary
Gajdecki Visual Effects Award
General Motors of Canada Limited Bursary
George & Frances Denzel Award for Excellence in Statistics
George and Catherine Fallis Entrance Award
George Ryga Bursary
George Tatham Memorial Bursary
George Vari Graduate Award
Gerald Aspinall Award
Gerling-GCAN Insurance Company Award
Gertrude & David Sher Bursary Fund
Gilles Fortin Scholarship in Business Economics
Gillian E. Wu Award in Biochemistry
Glenys & Nathan Lindenberg Bursary
Global Affairs Scholarship
GM Bursary for Graduate Students in COSC
GM Bursary for Undergraduate Students in Computer Science
Goodmans LLP Award
Gordon Charlton Shaw Award Fund
Governors' Awards of Distinction - Murray Ross Scholarship
Governors' Awards of Distinction: Betty-Jean and John M. Bankes Scholarship
Governors' Awards of Distinction: Bruce Bryden Scholarship
Governors' Awards of Distinction: John Proctor Scholarship
Gowling WLG Award
Grace Heggie Award
Grant Strate Award in Dance
Great Canadian Bagel Limited Award
Greater Toronto Airports Authority Bursary
Gregory Misztela MBA Award
Hany Salama Bursary
Harley D. Hallet Graduate Scholarship
Harley D. Hallet Renewable Entrance Scholarship
Harold Mahabir Student Award for International Development
Harry Newman Foundation MSW Bursary
Harry Rowe Bursary
Harry Steele Entrance Award
Harry W. Arthurs Fellowship
Hatanaka Family Football Award
Helen Vari Film Award
Hellenic Heritage Foundation Graduate Fellowship 2010 in Modern Greek History
Hellenic Heritage Foundation Graduate Fellowship in Modern Greek History
Henry & Barbara Bank Fellowship in Jewish Studies
HKUAA (Ontario) Chinese Cultural Heritage Award
Hon. William Z. Estey Teaching Fellowship in Law
Hon. William Z. Estey Teaching Fellowship in Legal Research & Writing
Hong Kong Students' Association Award
Howard Black '83, '01 (LLM) Award
Howard Daugherty Graduate Award in Neotropical Conservation
Howard Daugherty International Graduate Student Award in Neotropical Conservation
HSBC Scholarship
Hymey and Lucille Hanson Award
Ian Lithgow Memorial Award
IMASCO Awards in Art and Administration
Imasco Performing Arts Awards
Indigenous Student Bursary
Indo Canadian Golf Association Scholarship
International Circle of Scholars Scholarship
International Graduate Student Fellowship
International Student Bursary
International Student Emergency Bursary (Schulich)
International Student Fund
Ioan Davies Award
Irwin Allan Nadal Entrance Award
Irwin Seating Company Award
Italian Home Bakery Award
Italo Canadian Youth Club Pasquale Manna Award for Student Experiences in Italy
J. David Lucyk Bursary
J.P. Bickell Foundation Awards
Jack A. Seed, Q.C. Award
Jackie Rosati Award
James Alan Brackley Bursary
Janet Warner and Eric Rump Travel Award
Janina Korol Award in Fine Arts
JD/MBA Joint Students' Association Award
Jean Fewster Award
Jean Gascon Award in Acting
Jennifer Ivey Bannock Digital Photography Bursary
Jerilyn Manson-Hing Bursary
Jim Ferguson Football Bursary
Jimmy K. W. Chan Award
Joe Cicero Scholarship
Joe Gagliano Award
Johanna H. Stuckey Graduate Bursary in Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies
John Brooks Community Foundation Scholarship
John D. Leitch Bursary
John F. Bosher Fellowship
John Hunkin Financial Services Award
John Hunkin Scholarship in Leadership and Sustainability
John M. Tait Award
John Thomas Memorial Football Bursary
John Unrau Canadian Writers in Person Scholarship
John Warkentin Bursary
John Yaremko, Q.C. Scholarship
John Yolton Bursary
Jose A. Danobeitia Bursary
Joseph D. Sorbara Bursary in Italian Law
Joseph Drapell Award
Judith and Marshall Cohen Leadership Award for First Generation Students
Judith Eve Gewurtz Memorial Poetry Award
Julianna Lau Award in Dance Therapy
June Hall Volleyball Bursary
Justice Alexandra Hoy '78 Bursary
K-2 Scholar Society of Pakistan Entrance Scholarship
K. Hayano Printmaking Award
Kathleen Martindale Memorial Scholarship
Kellogg-Schulich Alumni Association Diversity and Inclusion Award
Kenaidan Contracting Award
Kenaidan Contracting Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Kenneth Ford Award
Kenneth Laundy Entrance Award
Kiang Family Award
Kinesiology and Health Science Entrance Award
Kinesiology and Health Science Honour Awards
Koenig Psychology Undergraduate Award
Kostas Tsotsos Grad Award
Lambert Family Award
Lambert Family Graduate Award in Neotropical Research & Conservation
Larry D. Clarke Bursary
Law Library Bursaries
Lawrence Bloomberg Entrance Award
Lawrence Heisey Graduate Award in Fine Arts
Lax O'Sullivan Scott LLP Bursary
Learning Company School Canada Tech. Leadership AW
Leonard Wolinsky Israel Study Award
Leonard Yancovitch Award in Jazz
Leonardo Silva MBA Award
Liberal Arts and Professional Studies International Student Award for Academic Excellence
Linda Briskin Bursary in Honour of Activism
Linda Herskowitz Award
Lions Achievement Award
Lions Achievement Award - Entrance
LLIR 25th Anniversary Internship
Lola Hayman Alumni Bursary
Louis J. Brody, Q.C. Entrance Scholarship
Louise Lewin Award in French Studies
M.A.T.A. Entrance Award
Malcolm Streete Memorial Entrance Award
Mann Award of Excellence for Study Abroad
Manorama Thakkar Award in Indian Dance
Manulife Award
Manulife Graduate Scholarships
March of Dimes Canada Scholarship
Marcia Byrne Practicum Nursing Award
Margot Franssen and Quig Tingley Award for Graduate Students
Margot Franssen and Quig Tingley Award for Undergraduate
Marilyn L. Pilkington Award
Marina & Kathy Excellence Award
Marina van der Merwe Award
Mark and Janet Webber Award
Mark W. Nawrot Award
Marshall A. Cohen Entrance Awards
Martha Shuttleworth Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Public and International Affairs
Martinrea International Award
Mary Matthew Ferguson Smith Bursary
Mary Patricia Ratcliffe Bursary
Mary Sue McCarthy Bursary
Matthew Badeau Award
MBA Class of 2007 Schulich Ambassador Award
MBA Full-Time Bursary
McCarthy Tetrault National Award
McCormack Craig Award
McLaughlin College Council 50th Anniversary Award
McLaughlin College's Helen and Elgin Turner Bursary
McLean Budden Bursary
Memories and Dreams of Maple Leaf Gardens Award
Menaka Thakkar Award in World Dance
Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto Bursary for Sexuality Studies
Michael A. Katigbak Award
Michael and Pui Feldman Award
Michael and Rena Buckstein Bursary
Michael Bordt Scholarship
Michael Duhig Award in Chemistry
Michael Locke Scholarship in Political Science and Economics
Michael Paul Sardella Award for International Studies
Michael Plexman Award for Creative Innovation
Michael Pollard Award in Chemistry
Michael R. Bigger MBA Award
Michael Smith Award
Miles Spencer Nadal Entrance Award
Miyumi Sasaki Inner City Award in Education
Monica McQueen Scholarship in Economics
Nalini and Tim Stewart Arts Awards
Nancy Scoular Underhill Piano Award
Neal Wood Graduate Award in the Social History of Political Theory
Nichol Ma and K.M. Ma Second University Degree Award
Nichol Ma and Ruth Dorey Award
Nicholas Gareri Award
Nirupama, Nita, and Nandita Award in Disaster & Emergency Management
Nirvan Bhavan Foundation Award I
Nirvan Bhavan Graduate Fellowship
Nissan Canada Leadership Entrance Award
Nonprofit Program internship Award
Norman Stifani Memorial Scholarship
Northview Print & Copy Bursary
NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award
Obiter Dicta Bursary
Ogram Scholarship
Olga Cirak Alumni Bursary
Omer and Norah Deslauriers Internship
Ontario eSports Scholarship
Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund Science Award
Orpheus Award
Oscar Peterson Scholarship
Oscar Peterson Scholarship
Osgoode Class of 1967 Bursary
Osgoode Class of 1974 Bursary
Osgoode Classic Bursary
Osgoode Hall Faculty Association (OHFA) Bursary
Osgoode Hall Law School Upper Year Award of Excellence
Otis Canada Inc. Bursary
Out of Province Student Bursary - Schulich
Outstanding International Student Leadership & Volunteer Award, LA&PS
Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein Award
Parkdale Twenty-fifth Anniversary Student Bursary
Patricia and Robert Martin Award
Patricia Murray Excellence Bursary for Inter-university Athletics
Patrick J. Monahan Award
Patrick Solomon Memorial Award in Urban Diversity
Paul Cantor Award
Paul Pellegrini Award
Paul Simpson-Housley Award
Pegah Sagar Poor Koloor Memorial Scholarship
Peter and Basya Hunter Award
Peter F. Bronfman Award
Peter F. Bronfman Entrance Award
Peter Struk Bursary
Philip Madras Award in Accounting
Phillip Silver Scholarship
Political Science Award
Pricilla Clark Award
Professor Albert V. Tucker Award
Randal Dooley Memorial Entrance Bursary
Ray and Joe Abramson Award in Mathematics and Statistics
Renee Anne Nadal Entrance Award
Reva Orlicky Memorial & Founding Friends Award
Richard Forbes Bursary
Richard Goranson Memorial Award
Richard Pettyjohn Bursary
Robert J. Gemmell MBA/JD Award of Excellence
Robert L. Rossman MBA Award
Robert Munro Menzies Award
Robert Peck Award
Roger Kelton Academic Scholarship
Ron Cope Bursary
Ron Weinberger Memorial Scholarship in Music
Rose Reisman Bursary
Ross J. Williamson Award
Roy Bennett Bursary
Royal Bank Emergency Bursary Fund
Rudolph Family Award
Rudolph P. Bratty Award
Russell and Suzy Campbell Bursary
Russell Nelles Starr, Q.C. Memorial Award
Saint Thyagaraja Music Award
Sam G. and Rose T. Reisman Award
Sarah Piper Stevenson Bursary
Sarojini Rowland Bursary
Savitri Ahuja Education Award
Scholarship for Outstanding Community Work in the Spanish Speaking Community
School of Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Bursaries
Schrage Family Fellowship in Jewish Studies
Schulich Case Competition Bursary
Schulich Entrance Award of Merit
Schulich Entrance Scholarship of Merit
Schulich Exchange Bursary
Schulich Leader Scholarship
Schulich PhD Student Bursary
Schulich School of Business Alumni Award
Seneca@York Bursary
Senior Anthropologist's Student Award
Shanti Chakravorty Award in Indian Classical Music
Sheryl and David Kerr Bursary in Women's Ice Hockey
Shirley Halevy Bursary (Ontario)
Sidney Peck Graduate Law Scholarship
Social Justice Bursary
Sorbara Award in Creative Writing
Sorbara Award in Music
Special Program Internship Bursary
St. George's Society of Toronto Endowment for Graduate Student Award
Stan M. Shapson Bursary
Stephanie Ling Award in Music Education and Community Outreach
Sterling Beckwith Award
Steve Dranitsaris Leadership Award
Steven K. Hudson BBA/iBBA Entrance Award
Steven K. Hudson MBA Bursary in Financial Services
Stevenson Scholar in African Studies
Stong College Council 50th Anniversary Award
Stong College Student Life Award
Stuart A. Roebuck Osgoode Mem. Schol.
Stuart A. Roebuck Undergraduate Memorial Scholarship
Stuart G. Robbins Awards
Student Association for Single Parents (SASP) Award
Students' Centennial Bursary Fund
Sudha Thakkar Khandwani Award in Western Dance
TD Financial Group Bursary
TD Meloche Monnex Bursary
Tel Aviv University - Louis Manpel Award
Tel Aviv University - Marnie Kimelman Award
Tel Aviv University - The Berdie and Irvin Cohen Award
Tel Aviv University - Vera Dolly Denty Award
Terence G. Kawaja MBA/LLB Award
Tesma International Inc. Award
The Adler & Wong Award
The Alexander Lithographers Award
The Alterna Savings Social Economy Scholarship in Honour of Haswell B. Iron
The Alumni 40th Anniversary Bursary
The Annie Kaplansky Award
The Austin Award
The Avrom and Anna Yanovsky Bursary in Fine Arts
The Award for Aboriginal Students
The Bastedo Stewart & Smith Bursary
The Bernie Kom Memorial Award
The Bickell Internship Award in Arts & Media Administration (Schulich)
The Bill Chan Bursary
The Career Foundation/Loyan Gilao Memorial Award
The Chancellor Bennett Undergraduate Scholarship for Liberal Arts
The Chris Tarnaris Memorial Scholarship
The Christine Dumitriu Van Saanen Memorial Award
The Class of 1964 Paul C. Weiler Bursary
The Class of 1969 Centennial Fellows Award
The Dagonas Family Scholarship
The Daniel Andrea Iannuzzi Memorial Award in Italian Studies
The David Scadding Scholarship in Typography
The Dean's Entrance Award - MBA in India Program
The dian marino Award
The Division of Humanities Award of Achievement
The Donald Newgren Scholarship in Design
The Dorothea Johnson Award in Nursing
The Dr. James Gillies Entrance Award
The Dusk Family Bursary
The Ella Fitzgerald Award for Jazz Performance
The Embleton Award
The Enbridge Inc. Scholarships
The Ethel Armstrong Awards - Bridging Students
The Ethel Armstrong Awards - Doctoral Students
The Ethel Armstrong Awards - Undergraduate Students
The Ethel Armstrong Awards – Students with Disabilities
The Etty and Joseph Rubinstein Award in Holocaust Studies or Yiddish Language and Culture
The Faculty of Health Renewable Entrance Award
The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Bursary
The Franc and Mary Joubin Bursary Fund
The George & Helen Vari Foundation Award
The George Doxey Award in Economics
The Global Leader of Tomorrow Award for International Students
The Gordon and Agnes (Twambley) Brash Award in Engineering
The Green and Spiegel Scholarship Fund in Immigration & Refugee Law
The Han Shan Sih Buddhist Society Bursaries for Environmental Studies
The Harold I. Schiff Graduate Award in Atmospheric Chemistry
The Harry Victor Bursary
The Herbert H. Carnegie Scholarship
The Honderich Bursary
The Honorable David Collenette Award
The Honourable Bert James McKinnon Scholarship
The Honourable David G. Humphrey and The Honourable Hugh R. Locke Bursary
The Honourable Frederick Clair Hayes Memorial Award
The Honourable Gerald Eric Le Dain Bursary
The Honourable Madam Justice Moira Lenore Caswell Bursary
The Honourable Paul I.B. and Mrs. Tevis Staniszewski Award
The Honourable Peter deCarteret Cory Award
The Honourable Ronald E. Sobier Entrance Award
The Honourable Warren K. Winkler Award
The Ian and Dorothy MacDonald Award
The Ignat Kaneff Scholarship for Academic Excellence
The Imasco Awards for Glendon Students
The Italian Canadian Savings Foundation Study Abroad Award
The Italian Canadian Savings Foundation Summer in Italy Award
The Ivana Guglietti-Kelly Award
The James Bray Bursary in Memory of Mrs. Anne Bray
The James Foy MBA '67 Leadership Bursary
The Jamison Family Award
The Janet Dowdell Memorial Award
The Jimmy the Greek Scholarship
The John Marden Bursary
The Joseph and Jack Bitton Award in Sephardi studies at the Centre for Jewish Studies
The Joseph and Josephine Webber Memorial Fund for International Education
The Joseph and Katie Klasner Graduate Fellowship in Jewish Studies
The Kamlini Kumar Memorial Award
The Karen Hadley Memorial Award
The Ken Carpenter Award
The Ken Dryden Award
The Kenaidan Contracting Hockey Award
The Kenneth and Grace Penrose Scholarship
The Kitty and Lou Newman Memorial Graduate Scholarship in the Humanities
The Konopny-Fischtein Family Award
The Kristen Nedkov Bursary
The LearningStation.Com Canadian Technology Award
The Lorraine Gauthier Award
The Louis Odette Sculpture Award
The Louise H. Mahood Bursary Fund
The Madeleine Lerch Bursary
The Mamdouh and Susan Shoukri Graduate Award at York University
The Margaret Crawford Bursary
The Margaret Ferguson Bursary
The Margaret R. Awards
The Mark S. Orlan Award
The Martha Adolph Award
The Master's Award for Academic Excellence
The McMillan LLP Awards
The Michael and Mara Badali Bursary
The NAIOP Bursary
The Nathanson Graduate Fellowship
The Nel van Rijn Bursary
The Norman Borins, Stephen Borins and Jennifer Borins Sutton Memorial Bursary
The Olympia and Spyros Thomas Scholarship
The Onex Award in Arts and Media Administration
The Paavo & Aino Lukkari Human Rights Fellowship
The Packer Award in Social Justice
The Penny Cader Bursary
The Petro Jacyk Educational Scholarship
The Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc. International MBA Bursary
The Reuben Hasson Award
The Robin A Fillingham Mentorship Award
The Ronald Bloore Award
The Ross Hunter Paterson Award
The Samiian Family Award
The Samuel R. McLaughlin Foundation Scholars Award
The Sandra Pyke Conference Fellowship
The Sandra W. Pyke Scholarship
The Schulich School of Business Alumni Bursary
The Schulich School of Business International Recruitment Bursary
The Seretis Family Bursary
The Sheldon Levy Award
The Spedding Memorial Scholarship in Dance
The Spedding Memorial Scholarship in Music
The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship
The Susan Crocker and John Hunkin Awards in the Fine Arts
The Susan Crocker and John Hunkin Graduate Scholarship in the Fine Arts
The Taryn Lynne Stephens Award
The Theodora W. McKittrick-Smits Bursary
The Tim Price Bursary
The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada - Toronto
The Van-Rob Inc. Award
The Varpu Lindström Award
The Vernon Oliver Stong Graduate Scholarship in Education
The Vernon Oliver Stong Graduate Scholarship in German & European Studies
The Vernon Oliver Stong Graduate Scholarship in Science
The Verrico Family Bursary
The William & Nona Heaslip Scholarship
The William and Edward Barrack and John Joseph Radey Bursary
The William W. Small Award
The Women's Intercultural Network Award
Theatre Department Bursary
Thomas Beck MBA Award
Thomas F. Dodson Bursary
Thomas H. Beechy Award for International Exchange
Thomas J. Bata IMBA Entrance Award
Tillo E. Kuhn International Student Award
Tim Whiten Award
Tom and Mary Beck Jewish Studies Award
Tom Arnold CPMEA Entrance Scholarship
Tom Arnold Scholarship in Parking Advancement at York University
Tom Zivic Bursary
Tony Elias Jr., B.A. Memorial Award
Toronto Dominion Bank Award
Torys LLP Mooting Bursary
Ubale Bursary Fund
Undergraduate Residence Life Bursary
Unilever Canada Undergraduate Entrance Award in Environmental Studies
Vanier College Council 50th Anniversary Award
Ventus Energy Inc. Bursary for Aboriginal Students
Victor S. MacKinnon Award
Virginia Sawyer Award
Visual Arts Graduate Bursary
Vivian B. Kirkpatrick Award
W. David Wood Award
Wigwamen Scholarship
Willard W. Piepenburg Award
William A. Dimma Bursary
William and Marguerite Davey Award
Willowdale Group of Artists Painting Award
Winters College Council 50th Anniversary Award
Women's Canadian Historical Society Scholarship
Woodbine Entertainment Group Bursary for Students from Rexdale
Yeoman Lineman Bursary
York Business & Professional Alliance Bursary
York Fine Arts Student Assistance Fund
York International Experience Award - India
York International Experience Award India - outgoing
York International Internship Bursary
York Lions Hockey Bursary
York University Academic Excellence Scholarships for International Students
York University Automatic Entrance Scholarship
York University Awards of Achievement
York University Entrance Bursary for Aboriginal Students
York University Faculty Association ACE Bursary
York University Faculty Association Undergraduate Scholarship
York University Italian Association Bursary
York University Men's Basketball Achievement Award
York University Men's Golf Achievement Award
York University Men's Hockey Achievement Award
York University Men's Soccer Achievement Award
York University Men's Volleyball Achievement Award
York University Recreation Award
York University Renewable Entrance Athletic Scholarship
York University Retirees Association Mature Student Bursary
York University Sport Excellence Awards
York University Tennis Achievement Award
York University Track & Field Achievement Award
York University Undergraduate Bursary
York University Water Polo Achievement Award
York University Women's Basketball Achievement Award
York University Women's Soccer Achievement Award
York University Women's Volleyball Achievement Award
York/Sheridan Needs Bursary
Yorke Towne Supplies Ltd. Visionary Leadership Scholarship
Young-Rahn Woo Memorial Graduate Award
YUFA Bursary - Education
YUFA Bursary - Environmental and Urban Change
YUFA Bursary - Glendon
YUFA Bursary - Health
YUFA Bursary - Lassonde
YUFA Bursary - Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
YUFA Bursary - Osgoode Hall Law School
YUFA Bursary - School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design
YUFA Bursary - Schulich School of Business
YUFA Bursary - Science
Zoran Fotak Award