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This tool lets you view awards, scholarships, prizes and bursaries offered at York University. Take a few moments to search for awards you may be eligible for: you can search by Faculty, award type, activity level or type in the name of an award that you may be familiar with. Unless otherwise stated, all full-time, part-time and mature students are eligible for all the awards in the system so long as they meet the published criteria.

For additional graduate awards, visit the York Financial Assistance section of the Faculty of Graduate Studies website. You can also see a listing of external awards elsewhere on this site.

Note: All awards listed on this website are subject to change or cancellation without notice.
1998 Osgoode Hall Law School Ontario Bursary Fund
407 ETR Graduate Student Award
A. Saber M. Saleuddin Biology Scholarship in Animal Physiology
A.O. Miller Bursary for Mature Students
Abdurahman 'Hosh' Jibril '93 Memorial Bursary
Abe Karrass/Donald Solitar Bursary
Abella Scholarship for Studies in Equity
Abraham Isaac Silver Scholarship
Abshir Hassan Undergraduate Award for Excellence in Community Service
Academic Excellence Fund
Access to Success Fellowship
Access York Award
ACUFC French as a Second Language Bursary
Adam Clark Student Legendary Achievement Award
Adele Kuperstein Memorial Scholarship
Aditya Jha Award for Jawaharlal Nehru University Academic Exchange Program
Adrian Hill, LSM Bursary
Adrienne and Donna Pocock Memorial Award
Adrienne and Douglas Mahaffy Bursary
Advancing Black Students Award
Advancing Women Mentorship Program Award
Advocis Education Foundation Bursary
Aflatoun Adhami Award
Agnes Orosz and Wojtek Niebrzydowski MBA Entrance Award
AGSBS Dean's Honours Thesis Prize
AGYU Writing Award for Art Criticism
Ahrens Scholarship
Aird & Berlis LLP Prize for Academic Excellence
Aisha Khalid Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Commerce
Al and Laurie Monaco and Enbridge Inc. Scholarship
Alain Favrod Prize
Alan and Esther Hockin Achievement Award
Alan and Esther Hockin Award in International Business
Alan Grant Bursary
Alan Lessem Memorial Award
Albert C. W. Chan Award
Albert Tucker Award in British Graduate History
Albert Weisbrot, Q.C. Bursary
Albert Weisbrot, Q.C. Prize
Alectra Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Undergraduate Scholarship
Alectra Inc. Graduate Award in Sustainable Energy
Alectra Inc. Undergraduate Award in Sustainable Energy
Aleksandar Spasov Memorial Award
Alexander David McKenzie Scholarship
Alice Turner Award
Allan C. Silber Award for Holocaust and Eastern Europe Jewish studies
Allan Findlay Memorial Entrance Scholarship
Allen M. Linden Memorial Prize in Torts
Allen T. Lambert Scholarship
Alpha Foundation Bursary
Alrica Gordon Entrance Award
Alumni Award for Commitment to Student Experience and Engagement
Alumni Award of Distinction Scholarship
Alumni Golden GRADitude Award
Alumni Silver Jubilee Scholarship
Alyce Orzy Award in Jewish Teacher Education
Amanda Dean Chartrand Excellence Award in Health Management
Ambassador Gary J. Smith Award
Amit Kumar Graduation Award for Academic Excellence
Anatol Schlosser Fund
Andrew Forbes Award
Andrew J. Sherwin Bursary
Andrew M. Lawson '55 Award
Andrew Roberts Bursary
Andrew Tomcik Scholarship in Design Studies
Angel PAW Prize
Anita Sulley Prize
Ann Hilborn Memorial Experience Award
Anne Lazare-Mirvish Award
Anne Simone Graduate Student International Conference Award
Annear/Bertram Family Graduate Award
Annunziata Di Ponio Award
Anshu and Romia Arora Bursary
Anthony P. Cunliffe Award
Anthony Wallis Academic Achievement Medal
Antonio Di Domenico '05 Prize
AOLS Educational Foundation 2nd Year Highest Aggregate GPA Geomatics Scholarship
AOLS Educational Foundation 3rd Year Highest Aggregate GPA Geomatics Scholarship
AOLS Educational Foundation David W. Lambden Award, Geomatics
AOLS Educational Foundation Geomatics Engineering or Geomatics Science Entrance Award
AOLS Educational Foundation Hubert J. Reinthaler Award, Geomatics Engineering
AOLS Educational Foundation LE/ESSE 4660 Cadastral Surveys and Land Registration Systems, Geomatics Award
AOLS Educational Foundation LE/ESSE 4670 Survey Law, Geomatics Award
AOLS Educational Foundation Women in Geomatics Engineering or Geomatics Science Entrance Award
Arden Haynes Emergency Bursary Fund
Arriscraft Bursary
Art and Science of Advocacy Prize
Art History Award
Arthur Brunskill Fellowship
Arthur C. Johnson Memorial Bursary
Arthur Charles Pape Memorial Prize
Arthur Francis Williams Award in Canadian Studies
Arthur Francis Williams Entrance Award
Arthur Francis Williams Mature Student Award
Arthur Francis Williams Transfer Student Award
Arthur Haberman Award in History and Humanities
Arthur Siegel Memorial Award
Arts, Media, Performance and Design Student Leadership Award
Arvo Tiidus Award
Arvo Tiidus Scholarship
Ashe Davis Liberal Award
Association of Retired Faculty and Librarians of York University Lee Lorch Memorial Scholarship
Atena Arabsalmany Memorial Scholarship
Atkinson Students' Association 50th Anniversary Award
Atkinson Students' Association Bursary
Atkinson Students' Association International Award
Atkinson Students' Association Legacy Award
Atkinson Students' Association Scholarship
Aubrey E. Golden QC '59, '90 (LLM) Bursary
Avie Bennett Award
Avie Bennett Visionary Leadership Scholarship
Award for Excellence in Psychotherapy Process Research
Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research in Clinical Health Psychology
Award for Outstanding Master's Research in Clinical Health Psychology
Awards of Distinction Merit Scholarship
Azevedo & Nelson Bursary
B. James Thomson '31 Bursary
B.W. Boville Prize in Atmospheric Sciences
Babs Burggraf Award in Creative Writing
Bank of Montreal Awards
Barbados Canadian Friendship Scholarship
Barbara & Peter Currie Awards
Barbara Betcherman '74 Experiential Education Award
Barbara Godard Prize for the Best Dissertation on the Study of Canada
Barbara Rosen Gomberg Bursary
Barkley's of Avonmore Bursary
Barry D. Torno Memorial Prize
BBA Achievement Award
Benarroch-Hazan Essay Prize in Shephardic studies
Benarroch-Hazan Sephardi studies Award
Benjamin Laufer Memorial Entrance Scholarship
Benjamin Laufer Memorial Prize in International Law
Bennett Family Entrance Scholarship
Bennett Family Graduate Bursary
Bennett Jones LLP Investor Protection Clinic Prize
BentallGreenOak Future Leaders in Real Estate Award
Berek and Regina Gertner Bursary in Holocaust Studies
Bereskin & Parr Prizes
Bergeron Entrepreneur Medal
Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (BEST) Award
Bernadine Nightingale Scholarship
Bernard Luk Essay Prize in East Asian History
Bernard M. Wolf Prize of Excellence in the Certificate in International Management
Bertrand Gerstein Scholarship
BEST (Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology) Fellowship
BEST (Bergeron Entreprenuers in Science and Technology) Undergraduate Entrance Award
Best Essay Prize in South Asian Studies
BEST Technology Impact Prize
Bethune College Academic Community Building Scholarship
Bethune College Academic Leadership and Community Building Scholarship
Bethune College Council Student Bursary
Bethune College Lexicon Award
Beverly Margaret Reynolds Scholarship
Beverly Mascoll Bursary
Bill Martin '66 Award
Biology, Chemistry and Physics Scholarship
Blake, Cassels & Graydon Entrance Scholarship
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP Access Bursary
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP Award
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP Prize in Business Associations
Blaney McMurtry LLP Prize
Blishen-Richmond Award in Sociology
BMW Canada Award of Excellence
Board of Governors 50th Anniversary Scholarship
Bob Bain Bursary
Bob Hedley Hockey Bursary
Bob Lundell Tennis Award
Bobby Orr Entrance Scholarship - School of Kinesiology and Health Science
Bogoroch & Associates LLP Award
Bonnie Tough '76 Bursary
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP Prize in Constitutional Law
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP Prize in Negotiable Instruments and Banking
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP Prizes
Borden Ladner Gervais Professional Excellence Award
Bourse d'entree des finissants des ecoles de langue française de l'Ontario
Bourse d’excellence pour la relčve en traduction biomédicale et pharmaceutique/ Excellence in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Translation Award
Bourse FLS Glendon/Glendon FSL Award
bp Nichol Award
bpNichol Book Prize for Creative Writing - Glendon
BrandCast Marketing Leadership Scholarship
Brazier Family Prize
Brazilian Ball Fine Arts Awards
Brian Crawford Memorial Bursary
Brian Hepworth Prize
Brian Little Award
Britnell Ventures Inc. Business Plan Competition Prize
Bruce and Brendan Logan Basketball Bursary
Bruce Lokash Memorial Prize
Bruno Amadi Bursary
Bruno Skoggard Chinese Language Scholarship
Bryce M. Taylor Book Prize
Bryce M. Taylor Memorial Scholarship
Bursary in Science
Business Economics Department Book Prize - Glendon Inc. Bursary
C. D. Fowle and B. Rozario Trust Fund
C.B. Cragg Prizes for Excellence in Natural Science
CAHPERD Student Award
Caio Milhorati Graduate Business Council Award
Caleb J. Hayhoe Prize
Calumet College Bursary Fund
Calumet College Council 50th Anniversary Award
Calumet College Council Bursary
Calumet College Diamond Legacy Award for Significant Community Contribution, Enduring Change, and Inspiring Vision
Calumet College Emerald Initiative Award for Student Contribution and Engagement
Calumet College Ruby Impact Award for Student Leadership and Community Building
Calumet College Sapphire Dream Team Award for Visionary Leadership and Transformative Community Engagement
Calumet College Topaz Bold Leader Award for Leadership Capacity and Community Engagement in First Year at York University
CAMH Corporate Internship
Campbell Moving Systems Inc. Award
Canaccord Genuity Diversity Award of Excellence
Canada Graduate Scholarship to Honour Nelson Mandela
Canada Life Community Agency Student Internship (CASI) Awards
Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs Award
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Canadian Daughters League Award
Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW): Etobicoke
Canadian Federation of University Women - North Toronto 30th Anniversary Bursary
Canadian Federation of University Women - North Toronto Branch Award
Canadian Foundation of Physically Disabled Persons Bursary
Canadian Friends of Hebrew University Award
Canadian Hand Emulation Research Organization Bursary
Canadian International School Scholarship
Canadian Macedonian Federation Scholarship
Canadian Studies Departmental Prize, Glendon
Canon Canada Environmental Studies Scholarship
Cardarelli Family Award in Art History
Career Mentorship Award for Students with Disabilities
Carey Risman Memorial Scholarship
Carl Dair Memorial Scholarship
Carleton E. Perrin Book Prize for Excellence in Sciences
Carlo Baldassarra Award
Carmen and Stanislaus Pinto Resilience Award
Carol Anne Letheren Entrance Award
Carol Anne Letheren Women's MBA Award
Carole Yawney Award
Carroll Hern Memorial Award for Excellence in Human Resources Management
Carswell Prize in Administrative Law
Carswell Prizes
CASA Fine Arts Student Award
Case Competition Marketing
Cassels Brock & Blackwell Prize for Ethical Lawyering in a Global Community
Cassels Brock and Blackwell Prize for Professionalism
Catherine Cragg Bursary for Women in Science
Cathy Moseley Memorial Award
CCCJ-John Lockwood Memorial Award
Cecily Bahar Book Prize
CFUW Etobicoke- Award for Bridging Students
CFUW North Toronto Bridging Students Award
CGI Award
Chaloner-Merrett Award
Chancellor Cory Entrance Scholarship
Chancellor Van Koughnet Prize
Chantel Dunn Memorial Award
Chaplick Family Parkdale Award
Charleen Gorbet Award
Charlene Anne Heisler Prize
Charlene Denzel Bursary
Charles Edward Rathe Scholarship
Charles Edward Woodrow Award
Charles Hantho Award
Charles Lithgow Award
Charles S.Mayer International MBA Medal
Charma Mordido Figuracion Bursary
ChemEd 2001 Award
Chemistry Book Prize
Chemistry Club Award
Cheryl Rosen Memorial
Chief Emmanuel Mbulu Family Award
Chris Robinson Prize in Personal Finance
Chris Sloan Prize
Christina and Diamantis Alexandris Bursary
Christopher Beattie Essay Prize
Christopher Robinson Memorial Prize
CIBC Fine Arts Graduate Student Award
CIHR - Doctoral: Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
CIHR Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis Award
Cinespace Studios Film & Video Production Award
Cinespace Studios Graduate Award in Film & Video Production
City of Toronto, North York Community Scholarship
Clara Thomas Doctoral Scholarship in Canadian Literature
Claridge Israel Inc. Global Leadership Bursary
CLASP Prize for Social Justice
Class of '97 BBA Bursary
Class of 1954 50th Reunion Bursary
Class of 1960 BARR Award
Class of 1960 LLB
Class of 1966 Bursary
Class of 1968 Generation-to-Generation Bursary
Class of 1969 Reunion Bursary
Class of 1972 Award
Class of 1976 Bursary
Class of 1977 Bursary
Class of 1978 Bursary
Class of 1980 Bursary
Class of 1992 Michele de Pass Lund Bursary
Class of 1993 Bursary
Class of 1994 Bursary
Class of 1995 Bursary
Class of 1996 Bursary
Class of 1997 Bursary
Class of 1997 Out of Province Bursary Fund
Class of 2001 Steven R. Huta Memorial Bursary
Class of 2008 Graduate Business Council Award
Class of 2014 Bursary
Clifton Lane Memorial Prize
Clinical Psychology Student Excellence Award
Club Richelieu Internship
Colin Ramsay Bursary
Columbia International Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Entrance Scholarship
Computer Science & Engineering Outstanding Thesis & Dissertation Prize
Computer Science, Computer Security & Information Technology Scholarship
Concours provincial d'art oratoire/Canadian Parent for French Award
Conrad Bursary
Consecutive BEd Continuing Student Award - ACCESS Candidates
Consecutive BEd Continuing Student Award - Community Work
Consecutive BEd Continuing Student Award - Leadership
Consulate General of Romania Book Prize
CoreNet Global Scholarship in Real Estate
Cornelia Mazgarean - Leadership Prize
Cornerstone Leadership in Action Graduating Student Award
Costco Canada Award
Criminal Lawyers' Association Award
CRS Bursary for Refugee Students
CSEP/SCPE Student Award
Cunnington Family Memorial Bursary
Cynamon Family Football Bursary
D. Paul Emond ’72 Award
Dahdaleh Global Health Graduate Scholarship
Dale Lastman Scholarship in Corporate Governance
Dalton Kehoe Scholarship
Dance Department Fund
Dance Scholars Award
Danny Iannuzziello Soccer Award
Danone L.I.F.T. Leadership Award
David A.L. Smout Memorial Bursary Fund
David and Lois Buckstein Bursary
David F. Denison & Maureen Flanagan Award
David Gardner Wilkinson Bursary
David L. J. Sealy Award
David M. Walker Memorial Award
David McQueen Award
David R. Wolfish Memorial Bursary Fund
David Wurfel Award
Davies, Ward, Phillips & Vineberg LLP Prize
Dean Lorne Sossin Bursary
Dean's Award for Academic Excellence
Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching
Dean's Award for Research Excellence (DARE)
Dean's Entrance Fund - MBA in India Program
Dean's Entrance Scholarship for Environmental Studies
Dean's International Scholarship
Dean's Prizes for Excellence - School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design
Dean's Scholarship for Women in Science
Dean's Undergraduate Research Award (DURA)
Dean's Undergraduate Research Award (DURA) for Physics and Applied Chemistry
Deborah Doxtator Bursary
Debwewin Internship
DEM Undergraduate Academic Achievement Award
Denise Hobbins Prize
Dennis Starritt MBA Award
Dentons Canada LLP Prize
Denys Brown Bursary Fund
Department of Communication Studies York International Exchange Award
Department of Economics Award
Department of English Award
Department of English Retirees' Scholarship
Department of French Studies Award
Department of Geography Liberal Arts Book Prize
Department of Languages, Literature and Linguistics Bursary
Department of Mathematics and Statistics Award
Department of Mathematics Prize, Glendon
Department of Multidisciplinary Studies Prize, Glendon
Department of Social Science Award
Department of Sociology Undergraduate Student Award for Excellence
Department of Visual Arts Award
Derek S. Hau-Guzmann Memorial Scholarship
Design Department Alumni Award
Design Talent Entrance Scholarship
Desmond Hart Memorial Book Prize
Devin Truax Memorial iBBA Scholarship
Diana Massiah Caribbean Canadian Scholarship
Dianne Martin Memorial Bursary
Diti Katona, John Pylypczak Award
Divakara Varma Memorial Award
Division of Humanities Retirees' Award
Dominic Carinci Memorial Prize
Don Ross ’79 Memorial Bursary
Don Rubin Dissertation Award in Canadian Theatre
Donald and Murray Davis Scholarship
Donald Biback and Family Entrance Scholarship
Donald Jackson Prize
Donald P. Walker Bursary
Doreen Silver Prize in Philosophy
Doris Anderson Canadian Bursary
Doris Anderson Research Fellowship
Dorothy Rowe Visual Cultures and Canada Graduate Award
Doug Ward Football Bursary
Douglas Menzie Phillips Jazz Scholarship
Dr. Allen T. Lambert Scholars Award
Dr. Arthur Train Scholarship in Life Science
Dr. Charles Bull Athletic Therapy Scholarship
Dr. Diane Michelangeli Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Dimitrios Oreopoulos Undergraduate Scholarship in Hellenic Studies
Dr. Ferdinand and Mrs. Emelda Thomas Entrance Award
Dr. Geoffrey Hunter and Dr. Susan Prokopenko Award
Dr. Harry Botterell Bursary
Dr. James Wu Bursary
Dr. James Wu Research Internships for Undergraduate Engineering Students
Dr. Labib Prize in Space Science/Space Engineering
Dr. Marion Hilliard Bursary for Mature Students
Dr. Paul-Emile Chaput and Thérčse Thouin Chaput and Genevieve Alexandra Williams Award
Dr. Percy and Bernice Singer Award
Dr. Peter Cribb Prize
Dr. Peter Zaparinuk Memorial Scholarship
Dr. R. Jamnik Graduate Student Award
Dr. Ralph Nicholls Graduate Scholarship
Dr. Rhonda L. Lenton Scholarship for Mature Students
Dr. Robert Lundell Achievement Award
Dr. Roman and Yaroslawa Turko Scholarship in Ukrainian Studies
Dr. Sangdeok Woo and Mrs. Kwisoon Lim Woo Memorial Graduate Award
Dr. Sara Maghdoori Graduate Scholarship in Mathematics
Dr. Sara Maghdoori Undergraduate Scholarship in Mathematics
Dr. Vara P. Singh Bursary
Dr. Vincent Tao Scholarship
Dr. Wendell MacLeod Award
Drama Studies Book Prize, Glendon
Drdul Family Award
Duke Ellington Award in Jazz
Dworkin Bursary
E. Carl Smith Book Prize
E.B. Rowe Communications & Culture Politics & Policy Scholarship
E.J. Lightman Scholarship
E.S. Rogers Film & Video Production Award
E.S. Rogers Film & Video Scholarship
Economics Departmental Prize, Glendon
Ed Nowalkoski Award
Edgar McInnis Book Prize in North American History
Edith A. Horsley and J. Bruce Dugelby Bursary
Edith Agnes Cory Award
Edith Knopf Bursary
Edith Schulich BBA/iBBA Entrance Award
Edna Khubyar Acting Scholarship
Edward A. Beder Memorial Scholarship
Edward Appathurai Scholarship
Edward B. Harvey Award
Edward Sonshine Scholarship
Elaine E. Brown Bursary
Elaine Newton & Alan Wilder Achievement Scholarship
Eleftheria and Dimitrios Stribopoulos Award
Elia Scholars Program
Elio & Jackie Rosati Award
Elizabeth and William Cheung International Student Memorial Award
Elizabeth Bentham Prize
Elizabeth Burton Bursary
Elizabeth Mascall Prize
Elizabeth Sabiston Prize
Elizabeth Szathmary Theatre Scholarships
Ellen Baar Award in Social Science
Elmes-Bedford Prize for Jazz Performance
Elspeth Heyworth Bursary
Emerging Leader Award
Emeritus Professors' Award in the Department of Physics and Astronomy
Emerson Vincent Sauder Memorial Scholarship
Emily Stowe Memorial Scholarship
Enbridge Engineering Scholarship
Enbridge Graduate Student Award
Encouragement Bursary for a Student in Psychology - Glendon
Engineering Capstone Prize
English Department Prize, Glendon
Enid Weiner Student Award
Eric and Edna Lisus Social Justice Internship
Erivan K. Haub Sustainable Leader Award
Ernest Daniel Stong Essay Prize
Ernst & Young BBA Award
Escott Reid Bilingual Excellence Scholarship
Escott Reid Entrance Scholarship
Esiri Dafiewhare Scholarship
Essay Prize in Canadian Jewish Studies
Esther F. Opadiran Memorial Award
Esther Handelsman Bursary
Esther Kohl Vale Graduate Award in Social Work
Esther Sarick Bursary in Jewish Studies & the Arts
Eugene H. Zimmerman Memorial Prize
Excellence Award for Undergraduate Research
Exchange Travel Bursary (Schulich)
F.C.C.P. Disability Bursary
F.C.C.P. Ont. Education Foundation Engineering Award
F.W. Minkler Prize
Faculty of Education Book Prize
Faculty of Education Doctoral Entrance Scholarship
Faculty of Education Entrance Award
Faculty of Education Student Association Bursary
Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change International Student Bursary
Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change Undergraduate Achievement Award
Faculty of Environmental Studies' Specialist High Skills Major Award
Faculty of Fine Arts Opportunity Award
Faculty of Health Graduate Student Short Course and Workshop Fund
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Entrance Award
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies International Student Entrance Scholarship
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Writing Prize
Faculty of Science Entrance Scholarship
Faculty of Science Gold Medal for Academic Excellence
Faculty of Science International Student Entrance Scholarship with NOIC Academy
Faculty of Science Silver Medal
Faisal Mirza Criminal Law Writing Prize
Farzia Khan Champion for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Prize
Fasken Prize in Torts
Federazione Canadese Italiana Borsa di Studio Award
Felicitas Svejda Award in Biology
Felix and Millie Chan Bursary
Feminist Historical Research Scholarship
Ferdinands Family Prize for Studies in Immigration, Citizenship and Transitions for New Canadians
Ferdous Akhter Memorial Bursary
Field Hockey Achievement Award
Fiera Sceptre Inc. Bursary in the Faculty of Science
Film & Video Bursary
Fine Arts Merit Award - Convocation
First Generation Bursary
FIRST Scholarship
Fitzhenry-Weatherhead Theatre Award
Fleischer Awards at the Centre for Jewish Studies
Fogler, Rubinoff LLP - Robert R. Jason Prize in the LL.B/M.B.A. Program
Fogler, Rubinoff LLP Prize in Advanced Business Law
Fogler, Rubinoff LLP Prize in Property Law
Fogler, Rubinoff Prize in Debtor/Creditor Relations
Fokus Media Awards
Forum Equity Partners ICLP Bursary
Forum Equity Partners ICLP Summer Internship
Founders Cock & Bull Scholarship
Founders College Council 50th Anniversary Award
Frances & Frederic Robinson IEN Bursary
Frances & Frederic Robinson Nursing Award
Frank & Nella Colantonio Award in Italian Canadian History
Frank Cosentino Book Prize
Frank Cosentino/Yeoman Football Award
Frank H. Hori Charitable Foundation Bursary
Frank Iacobucci Bursary
Fred Elkin Sociology Merit Award
Frederick G. Gardiner Scholarship
Frederick H. Zemans Bursary
Frederick H. Zemans Prize in Poverty Law(Parkdale)
Frederick Homer Alphonso Davis (OHFA) Bursary
French Department Prize, Glendon
Friends of Glendon Faculty Scholarship
Friends of Glendon Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Public and International Affairs
Friends of Glendon Merit Bursary
Friends of Glendon Student Bursary
Friends of Osgoode Bursary Fund
Friends of the Vis Moot Bursary
Friends of Theatre Bursary
Gajdecki Visual Effects Award
Gales Graduate Scholarship
Gary D'Mello Prize for the Women's Bridging Program
GCSU Hardship Fund
General Motors of Canada Limited Bursary
Geography Undergraduate Achievement Award
George & Frances Denzel Award for Excellence in Statistics
George and Catherine Fallis Entrance Award
George Doxey Bursary
George Faber Memorial
George Gardiner Award in Arts and Media Administration
George Hopton Award
George M. Miller Prize for Northern Ontario
George Michie Memorial Scholarship
George R. and Mary L. Wallace Award
George Ryga Bursary
George Svec, MBA 1969 Scholarship Endowment
George Tatham Memorial Bursary
George Vari Award for Excellence and Good Citizenship
George Vari Graduate Award
Gerald Aspinall Award
Gerald J. Pickering Memorial Bursary
Gerard Sendrey Prize
Gerling-GCAN Insurance Company Award
Gerry Erickson Essay Prize
Gertrude & David Sher Bursary Fund
Gertrude and Jack Friedman Memorial Award
Gilles Fortin Scholarship in Business Economics
Gillian E. Wu Award in Biochemistry
Ginny Boelhower Scholarship
Gladys Neilson Award in Canadian Studies
Glen Frankfurter Conference Award
Glen Frankfurter Scholarship for Excellence in Historical Geography Research
Glen T. Wakabayshi Memorial Fund
Glendon 50th Anniversary Bursary
Glendon Academic Excellence Scholarship
Glendon Alumni Bursary for Indigenous Students
Glendon Convocation Prize of Distinction
Glendon Experiential Education Award
Glendon International Excellence Scholarship
Glendon International Scholarship
Glendon Recruitment Award
Glendon Sexuality Studies Departmental Prize
Glenys & Nathan Lindenberg Bursary
Global Affairs Scholarship
Global Affairs Scholarship - SEED
Global Health Scholarship
GM Bursary for Graduate Students in COSC
GM Bursary for Undergraduate Students in Computer Science
Gold Medal of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Toronto Centre
Gold Prize in Finance (BCom)
Goodmans LLP Award
Gordon Charlton Shaw Achievement Award
Gordon Charlton Shaw Achievement Award - Convocation
Gordon Charlton Shaw Award Fund
Gordon Lowther Scholarship
Governor General's Gold Medal
Governor General's Silver Medal
Governors' Awards of Distinction - Murray Ross Scholarship
Governors' Awards of Distinction: Betty-Jean and John M. Bankes Scholarship
Governors' Awards of Distinction: Bruce Bryden Scholarship
Governors' Awards of Distinction: John Proctor Scholarship
Gowling WLG Award
Gowlings WLG Prize in Climate Change Law
Gowlings WLG Prize in Securities Regulation
Grace and David Taylor Graduate Scholarship in Caribbean Studies
Grace Heggie Award
Graduate Award for Outstanding Contribution
Graduate Business Council Achievement Award
Graduate Business Council Award
Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Philosophy
Graduate Fellowship of Distinction in Philosophy
Graduate Program in Education Dissertation Prize
Graduate Program in Education MRP Prize
Graduate Program in Education Thesis Prize
Graduate Program in Sociology Distinguished Dissertation Award
Graduate Student Award in Clinical Neuropsychology
Graduate Student Leadership Award in Clinical Developmental Psychology
Graduate Student MA Award in Clinical-Developmental Psychology
Graduate Student Research Award in Clinical-Developmental Psychology
Graduate Student Research Excellence Award in Civil Engineering
Graduate Student YUPC Award in Clinical-Developmental Psychology
Graduating Class 1994 International MBA/MPA Scholarship
Graduating Class 1994 Part-Time MBA Scholarship
Grant Strate Award in Dance
Great Canadian Bagel Limited Award
Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life Award
Greater Toronto Airports Authority Bursary
Greg Malszecki Award for Community Engagement
Gregory Misztela MBA Award
Gurston Allen Prize in Conflict of Laws
H.K. Girling Literature Prize
Hadi and Ozra Arjomandi Graduate Scholarship
Hans Carol Prize
Hany Salama Bursary
Harley D. Hallet Graduate Scholarship
Harley D. Hallet Renewable Entrance Scholarship
Harold G. Fox Education Fund Bursary
Harold J.Rubenstein Prize in Civil Liberties
Harold J.Rubenstein Prize in Restitution Law
Harold Mahabir Student Award for International Development
Harry A. Newman Memorial Ontario Graduate Scholarship in Social Work
Harry Arthurs Alumni Families Entrance Scholarship
Harry Newman Foundation BSW Bursary
Harry Newman Foundation MSW Bursary
Harry R. Rose Criminal Law Prize
Harry Rowe Bursary
Harry S. Crowe Memorial Prize
Harry Steele Entrance Award
Harry W. Arthurs Bursary Fund
Harry W. Arthurs Fellowship
Harry W.W. Rowe Arts of the Americas Bursary
Hatanaka Family Football Awards
Hazel McCallion Scholarship Endowment Fund
Heather L. Main Scholarship (Women In Capital Markets)
Hedi Bouraoui Essay Prize
Hedi Bouraoui Mediterranean Scholarship with Emphasis on the Maghreb
Helen & Louis Eisenstat Jewish Teacher Education Award
Helen Carswell STEAM Bursary for Women
Helen Grossman Q.C. Prizes in Community Legal Aid Services Program
Helen Kinnear Prize in Criminal Procedure
Helen Kinnear Prize in Family Law
Helen Vari Film Award
Helena Orton Memorial Scholarship
Hellenic Heritage Foundation Graduate Fellowship 2010 in Modern Greek History
Hellenic Heritage Foundation Graduate Fellowship in Modern Greek History
Hellenic Heritage Foundation International Graduate Fellowship in Modern Greek History
Hennick Business Law Internship
Hennick Medal for Academic Excellence
Henry & Barbara Bank Fellowship in Jewish Studies
Henry S. Harris Prize in Philosophy
Herman Geiger-Torel Memorial Prize
HIMP Alumni and Friends Scholarship
Hiromi Niki Memorial Scholarship
Hispanic Studies Departmental Prize, Glendon
History Department Merit Award
History Departmental Prize, Glendon
HKUAA (Ontario) Chinese Cultural Heritage Award
Hon. William Z. Estey Teaching Fellowship in Law
Hon. William Z. Estey Teaching Fellowship in Legal Research & Writing
Hong Kong Students' Association Award
Honourable Lawrence T. Pennell Bursary
Honourable Ray Lawson Scholarship
Howard Black '83, '01 (LLM) Award
Howard Daugherty Graduate Award in Neotropical Conservation
Howard Daugherty International Graduate Student Award in Neotropical Conservation
Howard S. Black '83, '01 (LLM) Prize in Estates
HSBC Bank Canada Scholarship in Administrative Studies
HSBC Bank of Canada Environmental Studies Award
HSBC Bank of Canada Ontario Graduate Scholarship
HSBC Exchange Award
HSBC Presidents Award for iBBA
HSBC Scholarship
Human Resources Management Professionals of West Toronto Scholarship of Excellence
Humanities 25th Anniversary Book Prize
Humanity First Canada Award
Hy and Helen Bergel Prize for Excellence in Jewish Studies
Hyman Bergel Prize in advanced Torts
Hymey and Lucille Hanson Award
Ian Bingham Memorial Award
Ian Lithgow Memorial Award
Ian P. Howard Family Foundation Graduate Scholarship
Ian White Memorial Book Prize
IATSE Canada Theatre Award
IBI Group Award
IFLS Vanguard Award
Igor Kim and Boris Gopka New Venture Design (NVD) Award
IMASCO Awards in Art and Administration
Imasco Performing Arts Awards
IMBA Internship Bursary
Indigenous and Black Engineering and Technology (IBET) Momentum Fellowship
Indigenous Student Bursary
Indo Canadian Golf Association Scholarship
Insolvency Institute of Canada, Bruce Leonard Prize in Insolvency Studies
Institute for Social Research Scholarship
Interdisciplinary Social Science Undergraduate Student Award
International Circle of Scholars Scholarship
International Global Scholars Award
International Graduate Student Fellowship
International Student Award
International Student Bursary
International Student Emergency Bursary (Schulich)
International Student Fellowship
International Student Fund
International Studies Departmental Prize, Glendon
Ioan Davies Award
Iranian Students Memorial Award
Iris Turcott Memorial Award
Iristel Undergraduate Scholarship
Irvin Aaron, Q.C. Prize in Real Estate Law
Irvine R. Pounder Award
Irwin Allan Nadal Entrance Award
Irwin Seating Company Award
Italian Home Bakery Award
Italo Canadian Youth Club Pasquale Manna Award for Student Experiences in Italy
Ivan Cleveland Rand Prize
J. David Lucyk Bursary
J. Ian McDonald Memorial Bursary in Economics
J. Mark Lievonen Scholarship
J.F. Graydon Memorial Award
J.P. Bickell Foundation Awards
Jack A. Seed, Q.C. Award
Jack Bush Scholarship Fund
Jack Ellis Achievement Award
Jack Friedman Q.C. Book Prize
Jack Leitch Award in Entrepreneurial Thinking
Jack Lloyd Richmond Bursary
Jack Walker QC Award for Excellence in Legal Ethics and Professionalism
Jackie Rosati Award
Jaclyn and Michelle Marcus Award
Jacques Israelievitch Scholarship in Interdisciplinary Arts
Jaime Llambias-Wolff Award for Academic Achievement and Commitment to New Canadians
James Alan Brackley Bursary
James Beveridge Bursary
James C. MacDonald Memorial Award
James Gillies Award
James Kreppner '89 Memorial Internship
James Laxer Award
James Mason Academic Achievement Medal
Jamie Loumankis Award
Janet A. McRae Bursary
Janet Morrison Student Leadership Award
Janet Warner and Eric Rump Travel Award
Janina Korol Award in Fine Arts
Jaswant Singh Randhawa Memorial Award in Political Science
Jaswant Singh Randhawa Memorial Dis/Ability Award
Jaswant Singh Randhawa Memorial Scholarship
JAZZ.FM91 Bursary in Jazz
JAZZ.FM91 Scholarship in Jazz
JD/MBA Joint Students' Association Award
Jean Fewster Award
Jean Gascon Award in Acting
Jean-Alexandre De Bousquet Award for the Advancement of Human Rights
Jeannie Thib Print Media Award
Jeffrey Blidner Award
Jennifer Ivey Bannock Digital Photography Bursary
Jenny Sferrazza '16 Prize for Criminal Law
Jerilyn Manson-Hing Bursary
Jim Ferguson Football Bursary
Jimmy K. W. Chan Award
Jinnah, Founder of Pakistan Scholarship at York University
Joan Gilmour Prize in Health Law
Jody Forno Memorial Bursary
Joe Cicero Scholarship
Joe Gagliano Award
Joel Organek Entrance Scholarship
Joel S. Guberman Prize in Immigration Law
Johanna H. Stuckey Graduate Bursary in Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies
John "Jack"" McConnell Memorial Bursary"
John & Mike's Award
John A. Sheran Memorial Scholarship
John Alexander Cochran Bursary
John Brooks Community Foundation Scholarship
John Bruckmann Bursary
John Bruckmann Prize in European History
John D. Leitch Bursary
John David McFarland Scholarship in Philosophy
John F. Bosher Fellowship
John Gellner Graduate Scholarship in Security Studies (YCISS)
John H. Flint Health Informatics Prize
John Hunkin Financial Services Award
John Hunkin Scholarship in Leadership and Sustainability
John M. Barber Award
John M. Rosen ‘68 Award
John M. Tait Award
John Plater '96 Memorial Bursary
John Plater '96 Memorial Internship
John Robinson Award in Economics
John S. Proctor Award
John Stephenson Computer Science Activity Fund
John Thomas Memorial Football Bursary
John Unrau Canadian Writers in Person Scholarship
John W. Graham Fellowship
John W. Graham Prize
John Warkentin Bursary
John Yaremko, Q.C. Scholarship
John Yolton Bursary
Jonathan Weinstock Memorial Award in International Security
Jose A. Danobeitia Bursary
Joseph D. Sorbara Bursary in Italian Law
Joseph Drapell Award
Joseph Starobin Scholarship
Joseph Zbili Memorial Prize in Hebrew
Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarships
Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Master's Scholarships
Joshua Tan Memorial Scholarship
Joshua Yasay Award for Excellence in Criminology and Community Service
Joyce Aspinall Book Prize
Joyce Zemans Award of Achievement
Judge Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf Prize
Judith and Marshall Cohen Leadership Award for First Generation Students
Judith Baker Memorial Award in Philosophy
Judith Eve Gewurtz Memorial Poetry Award
Judith Rosner-Siegel/Vanier College Award
Julia Baciu Memorial Scholarship
Julianna Lau Award in Dance Therapy
Julie Kim Memorial Award
Julie Slater Award
June Hall Volleyball Bursary
June McMaster-Harrison Memorial Prize
Justice Alexandra Hoy '78 Bursary
Justice Andromache Karakatsanis Undergraduate Scholarship in Hellenic Studies
Justice M.M. Van Camp Prize in Family Law
Justice Marc Rosenberg '74 Bursary
K-2 Scholar Society of Pakistan Entrance Scholarship
K. Hayano Printmaking Award
Kamlesh G. Moorjani Entrance Scholarship
Kathleen Martindale Memorial Scholarship
Kellogg-Schulich Alumni Association Diversity and Inclusion Award
Kenaidan Contracting Award
Kenaidan Contracting Disability Award
Kenaidan Contracting Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Kenneth B. Benson Scholarship
Kenneth Ford Award
Kenneth Gibson Morden Memorial Prize in Evidence
Kenneth Laundy Entrance Award
Keun-Chang Kim Memorial Award
Kevin Dunsmuir Memorial Prize in the Area of Family Law
Kiang Family Award
Kilbourn Award in the Humanities
Kinesiology and Health Science Entrance Award
Kinesiology and Health Science Honour Awards
Kingsley Abu Imonikhe Graduate Award
Koenig Psychology Undergraduate Award
Kondor Fine Arts Award
Korean Studies Community Engagement Award
Koskie Minsky Prize in Insurance Law
Kostas Tsotsos Grad Award
KPM Power Bursary
KPMG Graduate Diploma Accounting Award
KPMG Social Work Field Education Award
KPMG Undergraduate Business Award
KPMG Undergraduate Scholarship
Krembil Public Healthcare Internship
KWA Partners Scholarship
L.L. Odette Sculpture Scholarship
LA&PS Aspiration Award
LA&PS Graduate Entrance Award for Black and Indigenous Students
LA&PS Internship Award Program
LA&PS Student Emergency Bursary
LA&PS Student Experience Fund
LA&PS Undergraduate Incentive Award
Labour Studies Student Achievement Prize
Ladies’ Auxiliary of the C.I.B.P.A. Bursary
Lake Ontario Steel Scholarship
Lakeshore Teachers
Lambert Family Award
Lambert Family Graduate Award in Neotropical Research & Conservation
Larry D. Clarke Bursary
Lassonde Entrance Scholarship
Lassonde Scholarship
Lassonde School of Engineering Citizenship Medal
Lassonde School of Engineering Gold Medal
Lassonde School of Engineering Research Medal
Lassonde Undergraduate Research Award
Law Library Bursaries
Law of Work Award
Law Society Foundation Bursary
Law Society Foundation Entrance Scholarship
Lawrence Bloomberg Entrance Award
Lawrence Heisey Graduate Award in Fine Arts
Lawrence S. (Al) Rosen BBA Award
Lax O'Sullivan Scott LLP Bursary
Laya Liberman Memorial Scholarship
Learning Company School Canada Tech. Leadership AW
Learning Disabilities Association of Toronto District Bursary
Lenczner Slaght Advocacy Internship
Leonard G. Lumbers Scholarship
Leonard Wolinsky Israel Study Award
Leonard Wolinsky Scholarship
Leonard Yancovitch Award in Jazz
Leonardo Cianfarani Memorial Award for Travel to Italy
Leonardo Silva MBA Award
Lex MacKenzie Scholarship
LGBTQ Community Contribution Award
Liane Beth Rosenbaum Bursary
Liberal Arts and Professional Studies International Student Award for Academic Excellence
Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Sole Support Parent Fund
Lillian Lerman Book Prize
Lillian Meighen Wright Maternal-Child Health Graduate Scholarship
Lillian Meighen Wright Maternal-Child Health Undergraduate Scholarship
Lily D’Urzo Scholarship
Linda Briskin Bursary in Honour of Activism
Linda Heather Lamont-Stewart Scholarship in Canadian Literature
Linda Herskowitz Award
Linguistics and Languages Studies Departmental Prize, Glendon
Lions Achievement Award
Lions Achievement Award - Entrance
Lions Cup Legacy Fund Bursary
Lions Field Hockey Excellence Award
Lions Hockey Academic Achievement
Lions Hockey Leadership Award
Lions Volleyball Excellence Award
LLIR 25th Anniversary Internship
LLIR 40th Anniversary Scholarship
LLIR 45th Anniversary Bursary
LLIR Bursary for Refugee Students
Lola Hayman Alumni Bursary
Loran Award
Lori Ann Marshall Memorial Scholarship
Lorna Marsden Prize for Creative Writing in French
Lorna Wright IMBA Graduation Award
Louella M. Sturdy Bursary Centennial Bursary Fund
Louis J. Brody, Q.C. Entrance Scholarship
Louise Bennett-Coverley Award
Louise Biely Yolles Scholarship
Louise Lewin Award in French Studies
Lucille Herbert Memorial Scholarship
Luise Herzberg Award for Women in Science
Lydia Covenay Burnett Bursary
Lynda Heppenstall Bursary
Lynn Sarah Torode Memorial Award
M.A.T.A. Entrance Award
Mabel Penery French Prize
Mainguy Genetics
Makau Mutua Prize
Malcolm Streete Bursary
Malcolm Streete Memorial Scholarship
Mann Award of Excellence for Study Abroad
Manorama Thakkar Award in Indian Dance
Manulife Graduate Scholarships
March of Dimes Canada Scholarship
Marcia Byrne Practicum Nursing Award
Marcia H. Rioux Award in Critical Disability Studies, Human Rights and Social Justice
Marco and Sarah Mendelson Award
Margaret Grace Harris Bursary
Margaret Matheson Women's Studies Award
Margaret Wallace Leadership Award
Margot Franssen and Quig Tingley Award for Graduate Students
Margot Franssen and Quig Tingley Award for Undergraduate
Marian Regan Memorial Prize
Marie Henein Prize in Access to Justice
Marilyn L. Pilkington Award
Marina & Kathy Excellence Award
Marina van der Merwe Award
Marion Lower Prize in Composition
Marion Miller Urban Studies Award
Maritime Law Book Prize in Legal Ethics
Maritime Life Award
Mark and Janet Webber Award
Mark and R. Paul Allio Experience Award
Mark Cross (MC18) Award
Mark W. Nawrot Award
Marshall A. Cohen Entrance Awards
Marta Danylewycz Essay Prize
Marta Danylewycz Memorial Bursary
Martellacci and Associates Inc. Hockey Award
Martha Shuttleworth Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Public and International Affairs
Martin and Maria Singer Study Abroad Award
Martin J. Rochwerg Prize in Tax, Estates and Trusts Law
Martin L. Gangadeen Bursary in Economics
Martin Lockshin Award in Jewish Studies
Martinrea International Award
Marvin Kin Tung Cheung, OBE, Memorial Prize in Commercial Law
Marvin Mandelbaum Academic Achievement Medal
Mary Jane Warner Dance Education Award
Mary L. MacGregor Memorial Award
Mary Lyons Excellence Award
Mary Matthew Ferguson Smith Bursary
Mary Patricia Ratcliffe Bursary
Mary Stevens Memorial Bursary
Mary Sue McCarthy Bursary
Master of Financial Accountability Award
Master of Social Work Enrolment Bursary
Master's Award for Academic Excellence
Master's Level Case Competition and Invitational Conference Award
Master's Prize for Academic Excellence
Matthew and Lily Thenganatt Entrance Award
Matthew Badeau Award
Matthew Shoalts Film Director's Award
Matthew Wilson Memorial Prize
Mature Students Bursary
Max Wolfe Memorial Scholarship
May and George Flint Scholarship
MBA Class of 2007 Schulich Ambassador Award
MBA Full-Time Bursary
McCabe Valuations Bursary
McCarthy Tetrault National Award
McCarthy Tetrault Prizes
McCormack Craig Award
MCI Bursary
McKittrick Scholarship
McLaughlin College Council 50th Anniversary Award
McLaughlin College Public Policy Scholarship
McLaughlin College's Helen and Elgin Turner Bursary
McLean Budden Bursary
ME Graduate Seminar Best Presentation Award
Mechanical Engineering Conference Travel Award
Mechanical Engineering Entrance Award for Graduate Studies
Mechanical Engineering Excellence Award for Graduate Research
Mechanical Engineering Excellence Award for Teaching Assistantship
Medico-Legal Society of Toronto Prize
Melissa J. Knauer Essay Prize
Memories and Dreams of Maple Leaf Gardens Award
Menaka Thakkar Award in World Dance
Mercedes T. Richards and Jane St. Amour Award in Engineering
Metis Nation of Ontario Student Bursary
Metro Toronto Lodge B'Nai Brith Scholarship in Canadian Jewish Studies
Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto Bursary for Sexuality Studies
Michael A. Katigbak Award
Michael and Pui Feldman Award
Michael and Rena Buckstein Bursary
Michael Bond Memorial Award
Michael C. Eben Award for Excellence in Academics and Athletics
Michael Duhig Award in Chemistry
Michael Friendly Award for Quantitative Methodology Research
Michael Locke Scholarship in Political Science and Economics
Michael M. Pollard Bursary in Organic Chemistry
Michael Mandel Peace and Social Justice Award
Michael Mandel Peace Internship
Michael McNamee Academic Achievement Medal
Michael Paul Sardella Award for International Studies
Michael Plexman Award for Creative Innovation
Michael Pollard Award in Chemistry
Michael R. Bigger MBA Award
Michael Smith Award
Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements
Michelle and Guy Berman Bursary
Michelle's Prize
Miles Spencer Nadal Entrance Award
Miller Thomson LLP Bursary
Miller Thomson LLP National Entrance Award in Law
Mimi Choi Book Prize
Mingay Family Award
Mira & Bhabani Charan Pattanaik Award for Excellence in Finance
Mira Friedlander Award
Miriam Fish Coven Scholarship
Mirka Ondrack Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Statistical Consulting Service
Mirka Ondrack Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Statistical Consulting Service
Miyumi Sasaki Inner City Award in Education
MOBB Medical Ltd. Nursing Scholarship
Mohamed Naim Malik Scholarship
Molly Eisenberg Memorial Award in Judaic Studies
Molly Klein Book Prize
Monica McQueen Scholarship in Economics
Monika Federau Scholarship for Women in Business (BCom)
Monika Federau Scholarship for Women in Business (SSB)
Morguard Award
Morris Krever History Prize
Moshe Shimrat Prize Fund
Mount Sinai Masonic Lodge Bursary Golden Anniversary Bursary
MPPAL Achievement Scholarship
MPPAL Entrance Scholarship
Murray Davis Bursary
Murray G. Ross Award
Murray Young Rugby Bursary
Muscle Health Research Centre Graduate Student Fellowship
N. Sivalingam Award for Tamil Studies
N.A. Taylor Entrance Scholarship
N.A. Taylor Prize for Film
N.L.H. Award
Nalini and Tim Stewart Arts Awards
Nancy Scoular Underhill Piano Award
Narcisi Family Bursary
Natl Assoc Japanese Canadians - Roger Obata Prize
Navi Pillay Award
Nawel K. Seth Loan
Nawrot Family Undergraduate Research Scholarship
Naz & Bilal Maan Entrance Award in the School of Information Technology
Neal Stephenson Glendon Involvement Award
Neal Wood Graduate Award in the Social History of Political Theory
Neil E. Wood Q.C. '60 (LLB) Real Estate Prize
Nelson Arthur Hyland Foundation Bursary
Nestmann Scholarship
Newton W. Rowell Graduate Scholarship
Newton-Rowell Entrance Scholarship
Nichol Ma and K.M. Ma Second University Degree Award
Nichol Ma and Ruth Dorey Award
Nicholas Corradino LGBTQ+ Changemaker Award
Nicholas Gareri Award
Nick DiLorenzo/Ontario Formwork Bursary
Nicol Kingsmill Fellowship
Nicol, Vince and Wensley Prize in Anthropology
Nicola Martin Bursary
Nirupama, Nita, and Nandita Award in Disaster & Emergency Management
Nirvan Bhavan Foundation Award I
Nirvan Bhavan Graduate Fellowship
Nissan Canada Leadership Entrance Award
Nixon T Berry Access Award - Sanctuary Scholars
Nixon T. Berry Access Award - University 101
Nobby Wirkowski Football Award
Nonprofit Program internship Award
Norman Di Lella Memorial Bursary
Norman Gledhill Book Prize
Norman Stifani Memorial Scholarship
Northview Print & Copy Bursary
Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP Award
NSERC - Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS) – M
NSERC - Alexander Graham Bell Post Graduate Scholarships (PGS) – M
NSERC - Alexander Graham Bell Post Graduate Scholarships (PGS) – D
NSERC - Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship
NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award
NSERC Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
Obiter Dicta Bursary
Obodai Sai Entrance Award in Commerce
Odessa Prize for the Study of Canada
Ogram Scholarship
Olga Cirak Alumni Bursary
Olive Lower Prize in Jazz Piano
Oliver Vernon Stong Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Omer and Norah Deslauriers Internship
Onie Brown Memorial Bursary
Ontario Catholic Teachers Association
Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Ontario Modern Language Teachers' Association Toronto French Contest Prize
Ontario Power Generation Award Program: University Engineering Award
Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Entrance Scholarships
Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Gold Medal
Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Gold Medal
Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Undergraduate Scholarships
Ontario Remembrance Scholarship
Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund Science Award
Originality Prize in Memory of Paul Jeffrey Kusyszyn
Orpheus Award
Oscar Peterson Bursary
Oscar Peterson Scholarship
Oscar Peterson Scholarship
Oscar Peterson Scholarship
Osgoode Award of Excellence
Osgoode C.O.T.C. World War Memorial Bursary
Osgoode Class of 1967 Bursary
Osgoode Class of 1974 Bursary
Osgoode Classic Bursary
Osgoode Hall Faculty Association (OHFA) Bursary
Osgoode Hall Faculty Association (OHFA) Bursary
Osgoode Hall Faculty Association (OHFA) Bursary
Osgoode Hall Law School Alumni Association Board Bursary
Osgoode Hall Law School Entrance Scholarship
Osgoode Hall Law School Upper Year Award of Excellence
Osgoode Opportunities Renewable Entrance Awards
Osgoode Student Emergency Fund
Osgoode Students Cooperative Trust Bursary
Osgoode@125 Fund
OsgoodePD International Entrance Award of Excellence
OsgoodePD International Entrance Award of Merit
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP Prize in Labour Relations Law
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP Research Prize in Corporate/Commercial Law
OSSTF/FEESO Faculty of Education Award
Otis Canada Inc. Bursary
Otto Friedman Memorial Scholarship
Oussama J. Marrow Memorial Award in Politics
Out of Province Student Bursary - Schulich
Outstanding Contribution Award
Outstanding International Student Leadership & Volunteer Award, LA&PS
Outstanding Sociology Student Award
Outstanding Student Leadership Award
Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein Award
Parkdale Twenty-fifth Anniversary Student Bursary
Pass It On Bursary
Past Presidents of CIBPA & CIBPA Ladies Auxiliary Award
Pat Placzek Award in Indigenous Urban Studies
Patricia and Robert Martin Award
Patricia Harvey Memorial Scholarship
Patricia L. Olasker '77 Bursary
Patricia Murray Excellence Bursary for Inter-university Athletics
Patrick J. Monahan Award
Patrick Solomon Memorial Award in Urban Diversity
Paul Cantor Award
Paul Cantor Essay Competition
Paul H. Klewans Memorial Award
Paul Kay Adventure Bursary
Paul Pellegrini Award
Paul Simpson-Housley Award
Pearson Alumni Entrance Scholarship
Pegah Sagar Poor Koloor Memorial Scholarship
Peggie Sampson Scholarship
Peggy Sampson
Penny and John Van Esterik Award for Graduate Research on Southeast Asia
Penny Jolliffe Scholarship in Communication Studies
PEO York Chapter Prize
Perigoe Family Scholarship
Peter and Basya Hunter Award
Peter E. Board Bursary
Peter F. Bronfman Award
Peter F. Bronfman Entrance Award
Peter G. Picherack Memorial Bursary
Peter Hogg Graduate Award
Peter MacKendrick Memorial Award for the Visual Arts
Peter Moens/AGSBS Graduate Award in Biology
Peter Struk Bursary
Peter W. Hogg Graduate Award
PhD Leadership Award in Research and Community Building
Philip Madras Award in Accounting
Philip Roth Bursary
Phillip Silver Scholarship
Philosophy Department Prize, Glendon
Political Science Award
Political Science Departmental Prize, Glendon
Political Science Scholarship
President's Creative Writing Prize
President's Honour Roll
Pricilla Clark Award
Priscila Uppal Poetry Prize
Prix d'excellence de l'ATIO (Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario)
Prix du concours national de redaction, Français pour l'avenir
Prix Moličre
Prize of the Swiss Ambassador to Canada
Prof. Ruth Hill Memorial Award
Professor Albert V. Tucker Award
Professor Ian Martin D-TEIL Book Prize
Professor Marilyn L. Pilkington Bursary
Professor Wesley Cragg Memorial Award
Provost Dissertation Scholarship
Provost's Award
Psychology Department Prize, Glendon
Psychology Undergraduate Book Prizes
Public Policy, Administration and Law Graduate Bursary
Qian Liu Scholarship
Quebec Entrance Scholarship
R. Vernon Johnson Memorial Bursary
R.F. Price Scholarship Fund
R.J. Gray Award
R.L. Cohen Scholarship in Psychology
R.M. Hobson Prize
Rabbi Gunther Plaut Book Prize for Human Rights and Refuge Studies
Ralph & Rose Chiodo, Active Green & Ross Award
Ralph Fisher Scholarship
Randa Jean Cook Memorial Bursary Fund
Randal Dooley Memorial Entrance Bursary
Raphael Partners Prize in Torts
Ray and Joe Abramson Award in Mathematics and Statistics
Raymond E. Fancher Award
RBC International Market Expansion Program Grant
Reg Friesen Chemistry Education Bursary
Reginald Godden Scholarship
Renee Anne Nadal Entrance Award
Resource Capital Funds Scholarship
Retired Women Teachers of Ontario - York North Award
Reva Orlicky Memorial & Founding Friends Award
Richard Forbes Bursary
Richard Goranson Memorial Award
Richard Hornsey Co-op for Change Award
Richard J. Storr Graduate History Award for Research
Richard Jarrell Scholarship
Richard Pettyjohn Bursary
Richard Teleky Short Fiction Prize
Richard W.J. Posluns Memorial Bursary
Riverside Natural Foods Award
Robert J. Gemmell MBA/JD Award of Excellence
Robert James McLaughlin Memorial Bursary
Robert Krembil Scholarship of Merit: Health Industry Management Program (HIMP)
Robert L. Rossman MBA Award
Robert Marvin Masters Bursary
Robert Munro Menzies Award
Robert Orr Entrance Scholarship
Robert Peck Award
Robert W. Macaulay Prize in Land Use Planning
Robert Wallace Prize
Roberto Perin Graduate History Award for Field Research on Human Mobility and Diversity
Rocco Liegghio Memorial Entrance Award
Roderick Guthrie Graduate Scholarship
Roger Kelton Academic Scholarship
Roger R. Lew Bursary
Romano Ottogalli Memorial Football Award
Ron Cope Bursary
Ron Ellis '09 (PhD) Prize in Administrative Law
Ron Triffon Entrance Scholarship
Ron Weinberger Memorial Scholarship in Music
Ronald J. Rolls '58 Q.C. Bursary
Ronald J. Rolls '58, Q.C. Prize
Ronald Robertson Q.C. Memorial Tax Prize
Rose Reisman Bursary
Roseann Runte Scholarship
Ross J. Williamson Award
Roy Bennett Bursary
Royal Bank Emergency Bursary Fund
RSM Canada Scholarship in Accounting
Rudolph Family Award
Rudolph P. Bratty Award
Russell and Suzy Campbell Bursary
Russell David Smith Graduate Award in Public and International Affairs
Russell Nelles Starr, Q.C. Memorial Award
Russell Norman Gladstone Memorial Bursary
Rutherford Hockey Bursary
S&C Electric Canada Award
Saint Thyagaraja Music Award
Sally Murray Findley Memorial Scholarship
Sam G. and Rose T. Reisman Award
Sammy Graduate Scholarship in Autism Research
Samuel G. Rosen Memorial Prize
Samuel Goldhar Bursary
Samuel Rubinoff Prize in Legal Process
Samuel Sarick Purchase Prize
Sandler Gordon Bursary Fund
Sandra Chapnik Mature Student Bursary Fund
Sandra Pyke Award for Graduate Student Excellence
Sarah Akhtar Memorial Undergraduate Award in International Development Studies
Sarah and Joe Rainsberger Entrance Bursary
Sarah Piper Stevenson Bursary
Sarojini Rowland Bursary
Sasa Jurak Memorial Annual Award
Savitri Ahuja Education Award
Scholarship for Outstanding Community Work in the Spanish Speaking Community
School of Arts, Media, Performance & Design Award for Academic Distinction
School of Arts, Media, Performance & Design Student Resource Fund
School of Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Bursaries
School of Kinesiology and Health Science Honour Roll
School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design Bursary
School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design Merit Award
School of Women's Studies Departmental Prize, Glendon
Schrage Family Fellowship in Jewish Studies
Schulich 50th Anniversary Award
Schulich Artificial Intelligence Entrance Award
Schulich Black and Indigenous Student Bursary
Schulich Case Competition Bursary
Schulich Case Competition Bursary
Schulich Case Competition Fund
Schulich Dissertation Proposal Defense Prize
Schulich Emergency Bursary
Schulich Entrance Award of Merit
Schulich Entrance Scholarship of Merit
Schulich Entrance Scholarship of Merit in Artificial Intelligence
Schulich Entrance Scholarship of Merit PhD
Schulich Exchange Bursary
Schulich Exchange Travel Bursary
Schulich Graduate Bursary
Schulich International Case Competition
Schulich International Graduate Bursary
Schulich Leader Scholarship
Schulich MBA Real Estate Development Course Case Competition
Schulich Outstanding Graduate Ambassador Award
Schulich PhD Conference Fund
Schulich PhD Fellowship
Schulich PhD Fellowship - Domestic
Schulich PhD Student Bursary
Schulich PhD Student Bursary
Schulich Scholarship for Entrepreneurship
Schulich School of Business Alumni Award
Science Summer Transition Program (SSTP) Award for International Students
Scotiabank Award for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Scotiabank Scholarship in International Business
Sean O'Sullivan and Lydia Evans International Experience Award
Seneca@York Bursary
Senior Anthropologist's Student Award
Sexuality Studies Academic Achievement Prize
Sexuality Studies Essay/Project Achievement Prize
Sexuality Studies Outstanding Student Contribution Award
Seymour Schulich BBA/iBBA Entrance Scholarship
Shanti Chakravorty Award in Indian Classical Music
Shearman & Sterling LLP Prize in U.S. Securites Regulation
Sheryl and David Kerr Bursary in Women's Ice Hockey
Shibley Righton LLP Prize in Taxation
Shin Doi and Malysheuski Prize in Legal Drafting
Shirley Halevy Bursary
Shirley Halevy Bursary (Ontario)
Shopify Scholarship
Shoshana Kurtz Book Prize
Sidney Peck Award
Sidney Peck Graduate Law Scholarship
Silver Prize in Finance (BCom)
Simms Shuber Prize
SIOR Scholarship in Real Property
Sir Leonard C. Outerbridge '14 Entrance Scholarship (Newfoundland)
Social Impact Management Association Internship Award
Social Justice Bursary
Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (Canada) Prize in Trusts
Sociology Departmental Prize, Glendon
Sonja I. Bata Legacy Award
Sonya Sutton Award in Nursing
Sorbara Award in Creative Writing
Sorbara Award in Music
Special Program Internship Bursary
Sport and Recreation Award
Spraakman Family Bursary
SSHRC - Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship
St. George's Society of Toronto Endowment for Graduate Student Award
Stan M. Shapson Bursary
Stan Raphael Memorial Basketball Award
Stanley Fefferman Prize in Creative Writing
Stanley L. Warner Memorial Award
Stanley L.Warner Memorial Award (Schulich)
Stantec Bursary in Planning
Stella T. Corfield Award in Aging
STEP Prize for Trusts and Estates
Stephanie Ling Award in Music Education and Community Outreach
Stephanie Stavro Scholarship in English
Stephen George Leggett, Q.C. Memorial Entrance Scholarship
Stephen George Leggett, Q.C. Prize in the Intensive Program in Criminal Law
Sterling Beckwith Award
Sterling Voice Award
Steve Dranitsaris Leadership Award
Steven K. Hudson BBA/iBBA Entrance Award
Steven K. Hudson Finance Scholarship
Steven K. Hudson MBA Bursary in Financial Services
Stevenson Scholar in African Studies
Stewart Family Entrance Scholarship
Stewart Saxe Memorial Prize
Stong College Council 50th Anniversary Award
Stong College Diamond Legacy Award for Significant Community Contribution, Enduring Change, and Inspiring Vision
Stong College Emerald Initiative Award for Student Contribution and Engagement
Stong College Ruby Impact Award for Student Leadership and Community Building
Stong College Sapphire Dream Team Award for Visionary Leadership and Transformative Community Engagement
Stong College Scholarship
Stong College Student Life Award
Stong College Topaz Bold Leader Award for Leadership Capacity and Community Engagement in First Year at York University
Stringer LLP Prize in Essay Prize Labour Law
Stuart A. Roebuck Osgoode Mem. Schol.
Stuart A. Roebuck Undergraduate Memorial Scholarship
Stuart G. Robbins Awards
Stuart G. Robbins Book Prize
Stuart McAllister Award
Student Association for Single Parents (SASP) Award
Students' Centennial Bursary Fund
Sudha Thakkar Khandwani Award in Western Dance
Sue Vail Leadership Award
Summer Program in Data Analysis Bursary
Sunnuz Sarah Taheri Graduate Award in Fine Arts
Susan Mann Dissertation Scholarship
Susan Vella Social Justice Award
Suzanne Finn Memorial Nursing Prize for the Faculty of Health
Sydney Eisen Book Prize
Sydney Reid Johnston Bursary
Syed Mosharraf Shere Memorial Prize for Internationally Educated Professionals
Syed Tahir Rafay Award
Tait McKenzie Honour Society
Tait Montague Book Prize
Tammy Emerton Memorial Award
Tanna H. Schulich BBA/iBBA Entrance Scholarship
Taoist Tai Chi Society Scholarship
TD Financial Group Bursary
TD Meloche Monnex Bursary
Teaching Assistant Excellence Award in Civil Engineering
Technical and Professional Communication Certificate Prize
Tel Aviv University - Louis Manpel Award
Tel Aviv University - Marnie Kimelman Award
Tel Aviv University - The Berdie and Irvin Cohen Award
Tel Aviv University - Vera Dolly Denty Award
Temple Harris Book Prize
Temple Harris Book Prize - Convocation
Terence G. Kawaja MBA/LLB Award
Tesma International Inc. Award
The Adler & Wong Award
The Alexander Lithographers Award
The Alterna Savings Social Economy Scholarship in Honour of Haswell B. Iron
The Alumnae Association of the School of Nursing Toronto General Hospital Endowed Fellowship at the York UHN Academy
The Alumni 40th Anniversary Bursary
The Annie Demirjian '77 Scholarship
The Annie Kaplansky Award
The Armand and Denise LaBarge Graduate Scholarship in Multiculturalism
The Austin Award
The Avie Bennett Historica Dissertation Scholarship in Canadian History
The Avie Bennett Prize in Canadian Literature
The Avrom Yanovsky Bursary in Fine Arts
The Award for Aboriginal Students
The Bastedo Stewart & Smith Bursary
The BBA/IBBA Invitational Conference and Case Competition Award
The Bengt Lindqvist Human Rights Prize in Critical Disability Studies
The Bernie Kom Memorial Award
The Bickell Internship Award in Arts & Media Administration (Schulich)
The Bill Chan Bursary
The Bronze Medal Osgoode Hall Law School
The Business and Society Honours Award
The C. Jane Banfield Prize
The Career Foundation/Loyan Gilao Memorial Award
The Carswell Scholarship Fund in the Faculty of Science
The Carswell Scholarship Fund in the Lassonde School of Engineering
The CFUW Aurora/Newmarket Bursary in Memory of Barbara Langstaff
The Chancellor Bennett Doctoral Scholarships for Liberal Arts
The Chancellor Bennett Entrance Award for the Westview Partnership
The Chancellor Bennett Masters Scholarships for Liberal Arts
The Chancellor Bennett Undergraduate Scholarship for Liberal Arts
The Chris Tarnaris Memorial Scholarship
The Citi Canada Community Award
The Class of 1964 Paul C. Weiler Bursary
The Class of 1969 Centennial Fellows Award
The Classics Award
The Condo Store Leadership Award
The Criminology Honours Scholarship
The Dagonas Family Scholarship
The Daniel Andrea Iannuzzi Memorial Award in Italian Studies
The Daniel Simeoni Graduate Award in Translation
The David Scadding Scholarship in Typography
The Dean's Entrance Award - MBA in India Program
The Dean's Gold Key Award
The Dean's International Bursary - MBA in India Program
The Department of Chemistry First Year Book Prize
The dian marino Award
The Diane and Ron Watson Awards
The Division of Humanities Award of Achievement
The Don Newgren & Winters College Council Award
The Donald Newgren Scholarship in Design
The Dorothea Johnson Award in Nursing
The Dorothy and H. Ian Macdonald MFA in Theatre Award
The Dr. James Gillies Entrance Award
The Dr. Wilson A. Head Scholarship
The Dusk Family Bursary
The Ella Fitzgerald Award for Jazz Performance
The Embleton Award
The Emily Masty Memorial Award
The Enbridge Inc. Scholarships
The Enrica Jemma Glickman Award
The Ethel Armstrong Awards - Bridging Students
The Ethel Armstrong Awards - Doctoral Students
The Ethel Armstrong Awards - Undergraduate Students
The Ethel Armstrong Awards – Students with Disabilities
The Ethel Harris Entrance Scholarship at Glendon College
The Etty and Joseph Rubinstein Award in Holocaust Studies or Yiddish Language and Culture
The EUC Graduate Award in Energy Studies
The Eva Halward Prize
The Expo 67 Ontario Pavilion Scholarship
The Faculty of Education Westview Bursary
The Faculty of Health Renewable Entrance Award
The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Bursary
The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Outstanding Student Volunteer Award
The Fish Memorial Award
The Founders Recognition Scholarship for Undergraduate Anthropology Students
The Franc and Mary Joubin Bursary Fund
The Frances Frisken Urban Studies Prize
The Gary Whitelaw Strength in Diversity Award
The George & Helen Vari Foundation Award
The George Doxey Award in Economics
The Gerald Carrothers Graduate Scholarship
The Gina Feldberg Prize
The Glendon Transfer Award
The Glenn Thompson CMHA Bursary
The Global Leader of Tomorrow Award for International Students
The Gold Medal Osgoode Hall Law School
The Goldberg Leadership Award of Excellence
The Gordon and Agnes (Twambley) Brash Award in Engineering
The Green and Spiegel Scholarship Fund in Immigration & Refugee Law
The Gwenda Gordon Bursary
The H. Ian Macdonald Award in Public Administration
The Hakan Berggren Fellowship
The Han Shan Sih Buddhist Society Bursaries for Environmental Studies
The Harold I. Schiff Graduate Award in Atmospheric Chemistry
The Harris Awards for Indigenous Law Students
The Harris Internship Bursary
The Harry Victor Bursary
The Health & Society Founders Prize
The Herbert and Violetta Halpert Writing Prize in Children, Childhood & Youth Studies
The Herbert H. Carnegie Scholarship
The Herschel Prize
The Honderich Bursary
The Honorable David Collenette Award
The Honourable Bert James McKinnon Scholarship
The Honourable David G. Humphrey and The Honourable Hugh R. Locke Bursary
The Honourable F.H. Barlow Scholarship
The Honourable Frederick Clair Hayes Memorial Award
The Honourable Gerald Eric Le Dain Bursary
The Honourable Ian Scott Public Interest Internship Award
The Honourable Madam Justice Moira Lenore Caswell Bursary
The Honourable N.W. Rowell Prize
The Honourable Paul Bentley '77 Prize for Professionalism
The Honourable Paul I.B. and Mrs. Tevis Staniszewski Award
The Honourable Peter deCarteret Cory Award
The Honourable R.E. Holland, Q.C. Award
The Honourable Ronald E. Sobier Entrance Award
The Honourable Wallace Nesbitt Memorial Bursary
The Honourable Warren K. Winkler Award
The Honourable William G.C. Howland Award of Excellence Renewable Entrance Scholarship
The Ian and Dorothy MacDonald Award
The Ida Alpert Social Work Student Bursary
The Ignat Kaneff Scholarship for Academic Excellence
The Imasco Awards for Glendon Students
The Inaugural Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change Award for New Undergraduate Students
The International Development Studies Honours Awards
The Invesco Doctoral Scholarship
The IP Osgoode David Vaver Medal for Excellence in Intellectual Property Law
The Isabel Davis Memorial Award
The Italian Canadian Savings Foundation Study Abroad Award
The Italian Canadian Savings Foundation Summer in Italy Award
The Ivana Guglietti-Kelly Award
The Ivana Guglietti-Kelly Prize
The J. Addison Scholarship
The J. Edward (Ted) Thompson, Q.C. Memorial Scholarship
The Jacqueline McCarthy Award in Nursing
The James Bray Bursary in Memory of Mrs. Anne Bray
The James Foy MBA '67 Leadership Bursary
The Jamison Family Award
The Janet Dowdell Memorial Award
The Jean Burnet Scholarship
The Jennifer Crawford Bursary
The Jimmy the Greek Scholarship
The John A. Price & Joan Rayfield Fieldwork Award
The John Alexopoulos Memorial Scholarship
The John Arpin Award in Fine Arts
The John Marden Bursary
The Joseph and Jack Bitton Award in Sephardi studies at the Centre for Jewish Studies
The Joseph and Josephine Webber Memorial Fund for International Education
The Joseph and Katie Klasner Graduate Fellowship in Jewish Studies
The Joseph Woods Memorial Prize
The Joyce and Fred Zemans Scholarship at York University
The Julie McLean Bursary
The June Awrey Memorial Nursing Award
The Kamlini Kumar Memorial Award
The Karabekos Award
The Karen E. Wilson Bursary
The Karen Hadley Memorial Award
The Ken Carpenter Award
The Ken Dryden Award
The Kenaidan Contracting Hockey Award
The Kenneth and Grace Penrose Scholarship
The Kent Haworth Archival Research Fellowship at York University
The Kim Kyong-Won Award
The Kitty and Lou Newman Memorial Graduate Scholarship in the Humanities
The Konopny-Fischtein Family Award
The Konrad Group Digital Innovation Scholarship
The Kristen Nedkov Bursary
The LA&PS International Study Abroad Award
The Lander Dandy Prize in Plant and Animal Biology
The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Honours Award
The Law and Society Prize
The Law Society Education Equity Awards
The LearningStation.Com Canadian Technology Award
The Lorraine Gauthier Award
The Louis Odette Sculpture Award
The Louise H. Mahood Bursary Fund
The Mac Shoub Scholarship
The Madeleine Lerch Bursary
The Mamdouh and Susan Shoukri Graduate Award at York University
The Margaret Crawford Bursary
The Margaret Ferguson Bursary
The Margaret R. Awards
The Margery Ward Memorial Bursary
The Margot Franssen Student Bursary for Single Parents
The Marianne S. and Nancy R. Nursing Bursary
The Marion Perry Prize
The Mark S. Orlan Award
The Martha Adolph Award
The Mary-Jo Nadeau Activist Scholar Award (The M.J.) for Doctoral Students in Sociology
The Master's Award for Academic Excellence
The Matthew Ahern Memorial Prize
The McMillan LLP Awards
The Melissa Grelo Entrance Award for Black and Indigenous Excellence
The Michael and Mara Badali Bursary
The Michael H. Lawee Memorial Awards in Science and Engineering
The Mildred Theobalds Prize in Marketing
The NAIOP Bursary
The Nathan Strauss, Q.C. Essay Prize in Legal Ethics
The Nathanson Graduate Fellowship
The Nel van Rijn Bursary
The Norman Borins, Stephen Borins and Jennifer Borins Sutton Memorial Bursary
The Norman Endler Research Fellowship
The Nyman Ink Scholarship for Excellence in Communications Arts
The Olympia and Spyros Thomas Scholarship
The Onex Award in Arts and Media Administration
The Osgoode Centennial Bursary Fund
The Osgoode Centennial Bursary Fund for Students in Special Programs
The Osgoode Centennial Entrance Scholarship for Northern Ontario and Northern Canada
The Osgoode Centennial Entrance Scholarship for Quebec
The Osgoode Centennial Entrance Scholarship for the Martime Provinces
The Osgoode Centennial Entrance Scholarship for the Prairie Provinces
The Osgoode Centennial Scholarship for Alberta
The Osgoode Centennial Scholarship for British Columbia
The Osgoode Society Book Prize in Legal History
The Paavo & Aino Lukkari Human Rights Fellowship
The Palladini Family Award
The Penny Cader Bursary
The Peter Knights Memorial Prize in U.S. History
The Peter T. Zarry MBA Award
The Peterson Family Gold Medal & Scholarship in Entrepreneurial Studies
The Petro Jacyk Educational Scholarship
The Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc. International MBA Bursary
The Reuben Hasson Award
The Rhodes Scholarship
The Right Honourable John R. Cartwright Prize
The Robert Everett Exceptional Leadership in Student Governance Award
The Robin A Fillingham Mentorship Award
The Ron Bordessa Prize
The Ronald Bloore Award
The Ross Hunter Paterson Award
The Roy I. Wolfe Scholarship
The Samiian Family Award
The Samuel R. McLaughlin Foundation Scholars Award
The Sandra Pyke Conference Fellowship
The Sandra W. Pyke Scholarship
The Schulich School of Business Alumni Bursary
The Schulich School of Business International Recruitment Bursary
The Second City Theatre Prize
The Seretis Family Bursary
The Sergio Marchi Scholarship
The Sgro Academic Leadership Entrance Award
The Shawna Gordon Bursary
The Sheldon Levy Award
The Sherrill Cheda Graduate Scholarship
The Sidney Award
The Silver Medal Osgoode Hall Law School
The Sir Jack Jacob Prize in the Administration of Justice
The Social Science 3700 Urban Studies Prize
The Spedding Memorial Scholarship in Dance
The Spedding Memorial Scholarship in Music
The Stavros Niarchos Foundation International Visiting Graduate Student Scholar Award
The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship
The Student Research Foundation Bursary
The Susan Crocker and John Hunkin Awards in the Fine Arts
The Susan Crocker and John Hunkin Graduate Scholarship in the Fine Arts
The Susan McIntyre Bursary
The Taryn Lynne Stephens Award
The Thelma McCormack Prize
The Theodora W. McKittrick-Smits Bursary
The Thomas Joseph Palmer MBA/LLB Bursary
The Tim Price Bursary
The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada - Toronto
The Van-Rob Inc. Award
The Varpu Lindström Award
The Vernon Oliver Stong Graduate Scholarship in Education
The Vernon Oliver Stong Graduate Scholarship in German & European Studies
The Vernon Oliver Stong Graduate Scholarship in German & European Studies
The Vernon Oliver Stong Graduate Scholarship in Science
The Verrico Family Bursary
The Vilma Teelucksingh Scholarship
The Virginia Rock Award
The W. Struan Robertson, Q.C. Memorial Prize
The W.B. Templeton Annual Award
The W.W. Anderson Award in Caribbean Studies
The Westview Entrance Award
The William & Nona Heaslip Scholarship
The William and Edward Barrack and John Joseph Radey Bursary
The William W. Small Award
The William Westfall Canadian Studies Prize
The Winchcombe Scholarship Fund
The Women's Intercultural Network Award
The Yohan Mohammed Victory Award
The York University Sikh Students' Association Bursary
The Yuen Tse International Scholarship
Theatre Department Bursary
Theodore Heinrich Scholarship
Thomas Beck MBA Award
Thomas F. Dodson Bursary
Thomas H. Beechy Award for International Exchange
Thomas H.B. Symons Award in Canadian Studies
Thomas Henry Leith Memorial Scholarship
Thomas J. Bata IMBA Entrance Award
Thomas W. Doherty Prize in Piano
Thornton Exchange Bursary
Thorsteinssons Prize in Taxation of Business Enterprises
Tibor Prince Integrity Scholarship
Tillo E. Kuhn International Student Award
Tim and Linda Rider Basketball Bursary
Tim Dye Memorial Scholarship
Tim Whiten Award
Timothy A. Brown Startup Award for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs
TLN Graduate Fellowship
Tom and Mary Beck Jewish Studies Award
Tom Arnold CPMEA Entrance Scholarship
Tom Arnold Scholarship in Parking Advancement at York University
Tom Janes Award for Black Scholars
Tom Zivic Bursary
Tony Elias Jr., B.A. Memorial Award
Torkin Manes LLP Bursary
Torkin Manes LLP Prize for Osgoode Hall Law School
Toronto Cathay Lions Club Scholarship
Toronto Dominion Bank Award
Toronto Duke Ellington Society Scholarship
Torys LLP Mooting Bursary
Torys Research and Writing Award
Translation Departmental Prize, Glendon
Ubale Bursary Fund
UBS Class of 2020 Award
Undergraduate Residence Life Bursary
UNHCR/CRS Refugee Student Bursary
Unilever Canada Undergraduate Entrance Award in Environmental Studies
Union Carbide Scholarship
United South Asians at York Award
Universal Studios Canada Film & Video Scholarship
Universal Studios Canada Graduate Production Scholarship
University Women's Club North York Award for Female Students with Disabilities
University Women's Club North York Award in the School of Administrative Studies
University Women's Club North York Scholarship - Glendon
University Women's Club North York Scholarship in Science
University Women's Club of North York Award in Economics
University Women's Club of North York Award in Information Technology
University Women’s Club of North York - Lee Robertson Memorial Award
Ursel Phillips Fellows Hopkinson LLP Prize
UWCNY Beverley Jackson Prize
Vanier College Convocation Prize in Classical Studies and Religious Studies
Vanier College Council 50th Anniversary Award
Vanier Vingt-Deux Honour Roll (Office of the College Head's Honour Roll)
Vanier's Office of the College Head Award for Academic Excellence and Outstanding Contribution to Vanier
Vanier's Office of the College Head Award for Outstanding Contribution to the College and University
Varpu Lindstrom Graduate Award
Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence
Ventus Energy Inc. Bursary for Aboriginal Students
Vera McGarry Bursary
Vera Morris Bursary
Victor M. Saccucci Bursary
Victor Murray Non Profit Management & Leadership Bursary
Victor S. MacKinnon Award
Vikas Patel IMBA Award
Violet Anderson Bursary
Virginia McDonald-Evans Fund
Virginia Sawyer Award
VISTA Graduate Scholarship
Visual Arts Graduate Bursary
Visual Arts of the Americas Graduate Award
Vivian B. Kirkpatrick Award
Vivienne Poy Asian Research Award
Vivienne Poy Hakka Graduate Research Award
Vukica and Ljubomir (Bata) Dimitrijevic Memorial Annual Award
W. David Wood Award
W.J. Megaw Prize in Experimental Physics
Walker Law Prize
Walter Gordon Book Prize in Canadian Studies
WeirFoulds LLP Prize in Administrative Law
Wendy Babcock Social Justice Award
Western Union Business Solutions Refugee Student Bursary
Westview Scholarship for Education
Whitaker Family Bursary
Wigwamen Scholarship
Wilhelm Cohnstaedt Social Justice Award
Wilkinson Family Graduate Award in Environmental Studies
Willard W. Piepenburg Award
William A. Dimma Bursary
William and Marguerite Davey Award
William Bruce Henderson Bursary
William D. Graf Essay Prize
William Greaves Linguistics Scholarship - Glendon
William Jaffe Book Prize
William M. McIlwraith Bursary
William R. Coleman Prize
Willoughby Family Bursary
Willowdale Group of Artists Painting Award
Winters College Book Prize For Contribution To College Life
Winters College Book Prize For Contribution To Residence Life
Winters College Council 50th Anniversary Award
Winters College Fellows Scholarship
Women in Leadership Student Award
Women's Canadian Historical Society Scholarship
Women's Infrastructure Network (WIN) Scholarship
Women's Law Association Of Ontario Prize In Estate Planning
Woodbine Entertainment Group Bursary for Students from Rexdale
Yamana Gold First Generation Award
Yanni Trifonas Memorial Aspiration Award
YCAR Language Award
Yeoman Lineman Bursary
York Business & Professional Alliance Bursary
York Design Automatic Entrance Scholarship
York Fine Arts Student Assistance Fund
York Global Health Travel Award
York Independent Theatre Management
York International Experience Award - India
York International Experience Award India - outgoing
York International Internship Award
York International Internship Bursary
York International Mobility Award
York Lions Hockey Bursary
York Science Scholars Award
York University Academic Excellence Scholarships for International Students
York University Alumni Association Bursary
York University Automatic Entrance Scholarship
York University Awards of Achievement
York University Black Students' Alliance Bursary
York University Bursary: Investing in Our Diversity Awards
York University Continuing Student Scholarship
York University Entrance Bursary for Aboriginal Students
York University Faculty Association ACE Bursary
York University Faculty Association Undergraduate Scholarship
York University Football Achievement Award
York University Graduate Student Wellness Initiative Award
York University Italian Association Bursary
York University Mature Students Entrance Scholarship
York University Men's Basketball Achievement Award
York University Men's Golf Achievement Award
York University Men's Hockey Achievement Award
York University Men's Soccer Achievement Award
York University Men's Volleyball Achievement Award
York University President's Scholarship
York University Recreation Award
York University Renewable Entrance Athletic Scholarship
York University Retirees Association Mature Student Bursary
York University Retirees' Association Graduate Student Award
York University Sport Excellence Awards
York University Talent Entrance Scholarship
York University Tennis Achievement Award
York University Track & Field Achievement Award
York University Trails Youth Initiatives Bursary
York University Undergraduate Bursary
York University Water Polo Achievement Award
York University Women's Basketball Achievement Award
York University Women's Soccer Achievement Award
York University Women's Volleyball Achievement Award
York-Israel University Scholarship Award
York/Sheridan Needs Bursary
Yorke Towne Supplies Ltd. Visionary Leadership Scholarship
Young-Rahn Woo Memorial Graduate Award
YUFA Bursary - Education
YUFA Bursary - Environmental and Urban Change
YUFA Bursary - Glendon
YUFA Bursary - Health
YUFA Bursary - Lassonde
YUFA Bursary - Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
YUFA Bursary - Osgoode Hall Law School
YUFA Bursary - School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design
YUFA Bursary - Schulich School of Business
YUFA Bursary - Science
Zoran Fotak Award